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We are the new regulator of the building industry in NSW.

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Welcome to Building Commission NSW

From 1 December 2023, Building Commission NSW has taken on the role of regulating the building and construction industry in NSW. This means you may notice some changes in the coming months.

Changes to building legislation in NSW and what they mean for you

Several changes have been made to building legislation as part of ongoing reforms to improve how the construction industry is regulated and to rebuild trust and confidence in residential buildings. Find out more.

Who we are

The Building Commission NSW is the building regulator, ensuring the quality of residential buildings.

Led by NSW Building Commissioner, David Chandler OAM, we oversee and regulate the construction industry. Our focus is on proactive regulation and using data to reduce costs and increase value. We also support industry-led initiatives to build skills and capacity.

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Building together

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Current and future homeowners: building and renovation resources

If you are a current or future home owner, find information relating to building or renovating a home, as well as strata by-laws and how they affect you.

Explore building resources

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Tradespeople and certifiers: expert guidance for your trade journey

We guide tradespeople and certifiers on their obligations, certification, and licensing, offering support for builders and developers in the industry.

Access industry resources

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Design and building practitioners: resources to enhance your expertise

We supply resources for design and building practitioners, covering licensing, training, qualifications, planning, compliance, and regulations.

Improve your professional skills

Improving building regulation

Audit class 1 building constructions

We audit class 1 buildings to provide confidence in the quality and safety of the residential building industry in NSW. 

Regulate class 2, 3, and 9c

We enforce and regulate building work on class 2, 3 and 9c buildings. Practitioners must register and declare compliance to meet industry standards.

Enforce stop work orders

To ensure safety and compliance, we issue prohibition, stop work and building rectification orders to fix serious defects or non-compliance in residential buildings. 

Fix building defects

We ensure the fixing of serious defects in class 2 residential buildings by issuing orders and negotiating agreements, including Developer Undertakings, between developers and owners. 

Project Intervene

Project Intervene helps owners corporations get their serious building defects resolved through a structured and efficient process. Registrations are now closed.

Perform audits

By auditing developers, certifiers and building practitioners, we provide confidence, quality, safety and trust in residential construction before issuing an occupation certificate. 

Work with us

Are you passionate about shaping the future of the construction industry? We're seeking talented individuals to join us in ensuring safety, quality, and innovation in building practices across NSW. Explore our current job vacancies and start a rewarding career with us today.

Explore our current career opportunities

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Get in touch

At Building Commission NSW, we offer a range of services to assist home and business owners, builders, traders, and others in resolving disputes.

We can help with complaints regarding:

  • building, renovation, or trade work performed on residential buildings
  • specialist trade work performed on residential and non-residential buildings.

Home building complaints and enquiries

Home building:Complaints form
Design and Building Practitioners:Enquiries and complaints form
Certifier complaint form:Complaint form
Make an enquiry:Enquiry forms

Contact Building Commission NSW

Phone:13 32 20Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 5pm

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