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The NSW Government is looking at ways to help you prove who you are, making everyday tasks simpler, safer and more secure.

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Future vision for digital identity

We are all used to having to prove who we are in order to get things done. 

Some of us prove who we are by showing our drivers licence or birth certificate and are comfortable using paper-based documents.  

Some of us look forward to a digital future where our identity and our licences, permits and passes can be carried on our mobile phone.  Where we can digitally prove who we are at any time and any place.  

A future where everyday tasks will be simple, safe and secure –accessing online banking services, collecting parcels at the post office, booking a doctor's appointment, picking up prescription medicine, checking into a hotel or flight, applying for a rental property and much more.

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How digital identity will benefit you

When thinking about how you manage your daily tasks, which type of person are you?

Prefers technology for everything

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You like to opt into all digital services and prefer using your smart phone for daily tasks like catching public transport, showing your digital driver’s licence, paying your bills and managing insurances. 

You will be able to add additional credentials to your smart phone. Greater access and even more mobility. 

Likes technology for some things

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You like the convenience of using your smart phone for some online tasks like checking your bank balance or MyGov for family affairs but you also like to keep some hard copy documents like your driver's licence and birth certificate.  

As we continue to enhance our digital experience, you can choose which digital services you opt into.  

Prefers paper-based documents

Service NSW Centre

You choose to do all of your daily tasks with paper-based documents like posting bill payments, managing your life events over the telephone or by attending service centres.

You are comforted to know that existing services will be available. You may also want to understand a little bit more about using your smart phone to access NSW Government services. 

Why is digital identity important?

Not sure what is meant by a digital identity or digital credential? Do you want to learn more about how this can benefit you

Our commitment 

Key principles for digital identity and verifiable credentials in NSW include: 

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You are always in control of your digital identity and verifiable credentials – you have the choice of where you use your digital identity, who you use it with and what to use it for. You can also opt-out of using it at any time. 


You have the choice to store your verifiable credentials in your Service NSW App and, in future, in other digital wallets.  


You also have the choice to continue using traditional methods of proving identity and using credentials – the choice is all yours. 

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Control and Consent 

Your digital identity and personal information can only be used with your consent, and you can revoke consent and opt-out at any time.  


The credentials you save will not be stored by government. You will store and manage your credentials directly on your mobile phone through their Service NSW app. 


You control the sharing of your information, sharing only the minimum amount of information needed for a given transaction, with visibility into who accesses your data and what it is used for and can remove access at any time. 


You will be able to delete your personal data at any point. 

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Proving your identity and sharing and verifying credentials can be time consuming, complex and costly for individuals and businesses. 


Digital identity and verifiable credentials let you prove who you are online and verify credentials you have anywhere, anytime, without physical interaction, meaning you can seamlessly and securely interact with government digital services and authorise other organisations to verify your trusted personal details to access products and services.  

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Global best-practice technology and standards are being incorporated to protect your privacy and security. 


The NSW government is developing a legal, policy and privacy framework for NSW Government entities to use and support customers digital identity and verifiable credentials. 

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Easily accessible 

Digital identity and verifiable credentials can provide greater accessibility to government services, including for customers who have a disability, are time poor or live in rural or regional areas. 


NSW government services are designed with accessibility in mind with all products meeting the NSW Design Service Standards

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