Digital, identity and cybersecurity

Helping you keep your data and identity safe. Learn about data breaches and scams, find the right support and advice or explore the future of digital identity.

ID Support NSW

Has someone stolen your ID? Do you want to learn about data breaches, scams and cybersecurity? We make it easier for you to find the right support and advice.

Putting you in control of your identity

NSW Digital ID will soon be available to you, offering an easier way to securely verify your identity online and in-person. 

NSW Government Identity Strategy

Our vision is to provide citizens with a trusted, convenient and safe identity by delivering world-class identity products and services that leverage both traditional and digital pathways.

Help for individuals

Recover your ID

How to recover your ID after your documents have been stolen, lost or exposed in a data breach.

Get support

Have you been the victim of a data breach? Follow these easy steps for urgent or self-managed help.

Test your password strength

The tester assesses your password based on how long it would take for a bot to crack the password and how easily it could be guessed. It also checks if the password has been involved in a data breach.

Advice for parents

Protecting the kids' privacy online

Helping kids keep their personal information private.

Shopping and banking online

Tips for young people, to protect your money and details.

Online messaging and chat

Help your child communicate wisely when messaging.

Related information

Beyond Digital strategy

The strategic direction and objectives for NSW to continue its exciting journey in becoming a leading customer-centric, digitally-enabled government.

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