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Port Kembla Community Investment Fund

The NSW Government has established the Port Kembla Community Investment Fund to activate, enhance and build community amenity in Port Kembla.

Port Kembla

Applications for Round Four are now open 

Applications for Round Four of the Port Kembla Community Investment Fund (the Fund) is now open with up to $2 million available for eligible projects.  

The NSW Government continues its commitment to revitalise Port Kembla for residents, workers and visitors by funding projects that enhance the public, environmental and business infrastructure around the port.    

Port Kembla has been an economic driver on NSW’s south coast since the 1890s. It remains a major employer in the Illawarra. The NSW Government is committed to working with the community to continually improve the value this vital asset delivers to the region.

The Fund has supported significant improvements to Port Kembla over the last four years. Some of the projects funded in previous rounds include:

  • new equipment at the Allan Street playground, which is enjoyed by residents and visitors
  • the Big Island remediation project, which restored native vegetation and rehabilitated the nesting habitat for little penguins, shearwaters and petrels 
  • the enhancement of King George V Oval with new grandstand seating, cricket nets and lighting
  • the Wonderwalls street art project to attract visitors to the area.

Successful projects must positively contribute to at least one of these desired outcomes:

  • enhanced activation and connectivity of public infrastructure, precincts and community spaces 
  • improved environmental air, land and waterway quality
  • increased economic activity.

Round Four Funding

Applicants can apply for funding from $10,000 to a maximum of $500,000 (GST exclusive) for environmental, business and public infrastructure projects.

The Fund is a competitive, merit-based program. 

How to apply

All interested applicants must:

  • register their interest with the Department of Regional NSW (the Department) by phone 1300 679 673 
  • download the funding guidelines which outlines project eligibility and the assessment process.

Applicants can submit multiple applications for separate projects in each funding round.

Download the Fund Guidelines (PDF, 7.83 MB)

 or email to request a copy.

Get help or advice for your application

Get in touch with us: 

Regional Development Branch – Illawarra-Shoalhaven
Department of Regional NSW 
P: 1300 679 673

Key dates

The following key dates apply for Round Four:

  • 1 September 2020 – applications open
  • 31 October 2020 – applications close at 5pm.  Late applications will not be accepted, and incomplete applications will be ineligible 
  • November 2020 – assessment and approval process
  • December 2020 – successful applications announced

Eligible project area


Map of Port Kembla


Eligible projects must be primarily located in the 2505 postcode. Consideration will be given to projects immediately adjacent to the 2505 postcode boundary (Primbee, Spring Hill, Warrawong, Cringila, Unanderra and Coniston) if they clearly demonstrate benefits to the Port Kembla community.

View information session webinar

Frequently asked questions

A total of $2 million is available for Round Four. 

Applicants must:

  • be the confirmed land or asset owner or have the owner’s written consent. 
  • have demonstrated ability for project management and delivery. 
  • have adequate financial capacity to manage the cash flow requirements of the project. 
  • have an ABN and be located in NSW. 
  • be an incorporated association, cooperative, local Aboriginal land council, local government authority, NSW Government agency or a registered business. 
  • have or be willing to purchase public liability insurance of at least $20 million in place. 

Individuals are not eligible to apply. 

There are three categories of eligible project types:

  • Public Infrastructure - construction of new or upgrades to existing community infrastructure that is used primarily for the public benefit 
  • Environmental Infrastructure - activities such as pollution control, clean-up and remediation works 
  • Business Infrastructure - major capital expenditure on new equipment, facilities, utilities, road and rail access infrastructure.

Projects must comply with the following criteria to be considered for funding: 

  • deliver economic, public infrastructure or environmental outcomes in Port Kembla 
  • not displace or compete with existing local businesses or activities 
  • be located within the suburb of Port Kembla as defined by the 2505 postcode boundary or can demonstrate that the proposed project outcomes demonstrate clear and significant benefits to the Port Kembla community  
  • seek funding of at least $10,000 up to a maximum of $500,000 (GST exclusive) 
  • comply with state and local planning rules and regulations including zoning, permissible business uses, safety standards and environmental regulations 
  • have an approved development application if applicable 
  • be fully completed within three years and commence within 12 months of a funding deed being executed. 

Applicants can submit multiple applications for separate projects in each funding round.

Round Four opens on 1 September 2020 and closes on the 31 October 2020.

Access into the fund program is not automatic. Not all enquiries proceed to the application stage. All potential applicants must initially register their interest in the Fund by phoning the Department on 1300 679 673. A Departmental representative will then contact you to discuss the eligibility of both your organisation and proposed project. This initial assessment stage is mandatory. 

Applications must register their interest on 1300 679 673 and submission details will be confirmed to applicants directly.

All complete submissions must be submitted by 5pm on the closing date.

Funding can only be used for external third-party costs directly associated with delivering project activities. These cost estimates should be supported by at least one competitive quote.  
Eligible project costs include: 

  • feasibility and technical design consultancies that are required for capital works 
  • capital expenditure, construction, upgrade and repair works 
  • remediation, pollution control and clean up works 
  • project administration and contingency costs up to a combined total maximum of 20 per cent of the grant amount requested. 

Funding cannot be used for: 

  • expenditure incurred prior to the announcement of successful Round Four projects 
  • activities already funded or budgeted through Wollongong City Council or a NSW Government agency 
  • costs already funded through another grant program including a previous Port Kembla Community Investment Fund round 
  • administrative overhead items, including office equipment 
  • development application fees 
  • cost overruns in excess of the agreed cost allocations 
  • ongoing management and maintenance expenses 
  • organisational operating costs such as wages and capital equipment that are unrelated to the project 
  • activities outside the scope of the fund program such as community services and events 
  • business planning studies. 

Consideration will be given to projects that are undertaken in locations immediately adjacent to the 2505 postcode boundary. These projects need to demonstrate clear and significant benefits for the Port Kembla community. Generally, this would mean the project location is principally located in the suburbs of Primbee, Spring Hill, Warrawong, Cringila, Unanderra and Coniston.

The minimum grant size is $10,000 (GST exclusive) and maximum is $500,000 (GST exclusive). 

Projects must commence within 12 months of the funding deed being signed and be completed within three years of the announcement of the project. 

No. Activities already funded or budgeted through Wollongong City Council or NSW Government agencies are not eligible. Projects already funded through Council’s forward capital works program is publicly available on the Wollongong Council website. Funding may be used to enhance the scope of an existing project. 

The Department determines the membership of the evaluation panel. Membership of the Panel reflects key organisations such as the NSW Government, Illawarra Business Chamber, University of Wollongong and Regional Development Australia Illawarra. 

Membership of the evaluation panel reflects organisations not individuals. These organisations nominate a senior person to represent them on the evaluation panel. 

A community member may have potential conflicts of interest with the projects and organisations seeking funding. They may also be lobbied by members of the community to support individual projects over others putting them in a difficult position. 
In Round Three, surveys of Port Kembla community members were used to rank the projects submitted. The results of this process were made available to the evaluation panel for consideration. This approach will apply in Round Four to assess community priorities.

Community survey results do not form part of the assessment criteria. They are provided to the evaluation panel to consider with other advice.

There is no longer any requirement for a co-funding contribution for community and not-for-profit organisations projects. Although not mandatory, co-funding does demonstrate commitment to a project by either the applicant organisation and/or partner organisation. The level of co-funding is a proxy for commitment for a project. For registered businesses, NSW Government agencies and Wollongong City Council a minimum 50 per cent co-contribution is required.

A formal program review was completed in 2019 to ensure the Fund continues to be delivered in an effective and efficient manner with appropriate levels of probity. The review recommended several changes to ensure the program objectives are better met in future funding rounds including: 

  • modifying the objective of the Fund from ‘improving community amenity’ to ‘revitalising’ Port Kembla, as this term is better recognised and understood by the community  
  • allocating a minimum of 30 per cent of future funding rounds to economic projects, as economic projects have only accounted for three per cent of all projects funded in previous rounds   
  • funding projects in immediately adjacent suburbs that meet the program objectives and demonstrate clear benefits to the Port Kembla community 
  • increasing co-contribution requirements for government and business applicants to 50 per cent of total project costs (increased from zero co-contribution in Round 3) 
  • extending project delivery timeframes up to three years to align with similar programs 
  • removing the requirement that environmental and economic projects be widely accessible to the public, as this has been a significant inhibitor for projects in previous rounds   
  • extending the timeframe between applications opening and closing to eight weeks. 

In Round Three of the Fund, $4 million was available. At the start of the program, the NSW Government commitment to a review after three funding rounds. The timing of Round Four reflects the time required to adequately consult and review the program and implement the recommendations for Round Four.

Schools are exempt from the Round Four requirement that “Government related entities and private business applicants must have at least a 50 per cent project cash co-contribution”.

Successful projects

Project name  Applicant Grant amount (excludes GST) Status
Allan Street precinct activation – Stage 1 Wollongong City Council $120,910 Completed
Big Island Little Penguin, Shearwater and Petrel Habitat Remediation NSW Office of Environment and Heritage $107,888 Completed
Five Islands Secondary College school hall upgrade Five Islands Secondary College $182,690 Completed

Hill 60: MM Beach Car Park Upgrade

Wollongong City Council $72,727 Completed

Hill 60 Gloucester Boulevarde Fitness Equipment

Wollongong City Council $27,273 Completed

Hill 60 Wayfinding Signage

Wollongong City Council $18,436 Completed

Hill 60 Tunnel Safety Access

Wollongong City Council $108,000 Completed
King George V Precinct Activation – Stage 1 Wollongong City Council $133,182 Completed
Ngaraba-aan Cultural Trail – Stage 1 lllawarra Local Aboriginal Land Council $353,084 Completed
Port Kembla 2505 Revitalisation Plan Wollongong City Council $263,636 Completed
Port Kembla Surf Club House Upgrade – Stage 1 Port Kembla Surf Lifesaving Club Inc. $14,399 Completed
Anglican Church Port Kembla Parish Hall Upgrade – Stage 1 Anglican Church of Australia Parish Council of Port Kembla $10,825 Completed
Sustainable Port Kembla Upgrade Program – Stage 1 The lllawarra Housing Trust $284,437 Completed
Port Kembla Town Centre Facade Program Wollongong City Council $300,000 Completed
Total   $1,997,487  

Project name  Applicant Grant amount (excludes GST) Status
Anglican Church Port Kembla Parish Hall Upgrade – Stage 2 project Anglican Church of Australia Parish Council of Port Kembla $91,600 Completed
Port Kembla Wetlands Rehabilitation Project – Stage 1 Australian Trust for Conservation Volunteers $28,273 Completed
Refurbishment of St Patrick's Parish Hall Project Catholic Parish of St Patrick's Port Kembla $122,071 Completed
Port Kembla Surplus Industrial Land Activation Project Department of Planning and Environment $90,909 Completed
Report on heavy metal contaminants from industrial activity in Port Kembla – Environmental project Environment Protection Authority $40,000 Completed
Dalfram Dispute Memorial Project Maritime Union of Australia  $98,182 Completed
Wonderwalls Port Kembla Project  Our Community Project Inc.  $99,529 Completed
Restoration and preservation of the Breakwater Battery Military Museum Project  Port Kembla Breakwater Battery Museum  $72,273 Completed
King George V Park Sporting Infrastructure Upgrades – Public Infrastructure Project  Port Kembla Cricket Association Incorporated  $66,615 Commenced
King George V Park Oval #2 Lighting Project  Wollongong City Council  $292,272 Completed
Tourism Development Plan for Port Kembla Project Wollongong City of Innovation Ltd (Destination Wollongong)  $29,091 Completed 
 Total    $1,030,815

Project name  Applicant Grant amount (excludes GST) Status
Sustainable Port Kembla Stage 2 All Sustainable Futures Inc $700,000 Commenced
Anglican Church Hall Upgrade - Stage 3 Anglican Church of Australia Parish Council of Port Kembla $148,397 Completed
Inside Industry Visitor Centre Kitchen Upgrade Project Australia's Industry World $113,385 Completed
Port Kembla Wetlands Rehabilitation Stage 2 Australian Trust for Conservation Volunteers $47,667 Withdrawn
Port Kembla Community Campus Masterplan Flagstaff Group $84,785 Completed
Marine Rescue Tower Upgrade Project Marine Rescue NSW $164,080 Completed
Museum of Human Migration to the Illawarra Stage 1 Project Multicultural Communities Council of Illawarra Incorporated. $49,350 Completed
Playground Upgrade Project Port Kembla Baptist Church $14,960 Completed 
Planning and construction of retractable three lane cricket practice nets at King George Oval No 1 Port Kembla Cricket Association Incorporated $95,095 Completed
Port Kembla Gateway Environmental Project Port Kembla Gateway Pty Ltd $155,000 Commenced

Port Kembla Public School Grounds Upgrade Project

Port Kembla Public School $333,020 Completed

Grandstand Seating at King George Oval N.2

Port Kembla Pumas Amateur Soccer Club $63,095 Completed

Port Kembla Surf Club House Upgrade stage 2

Port Kembla Surf Lifesaving Club Inc $155,000 Commenced
The Foundry Community Space Upgrade Project Salvation Army $88,925 Completed
Refurbishment of St Patrick's Parish Hall - Stage 2 Trustees of the Roman Catholic Church for the Diocese of Wollongong $150,298 Commenced
Allan Street Car Park Upgrade Wollongong City Council $140,000 Commenced
Grand Pacific Walk Observation Deck Wollongong City Council $400,000 Commenced


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