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Service NSW for Business

Service NSW for Business provides free, personalised support to small business owners as they start, run and grow their businesses, and as they adapt and recover in times of crisis. 


Starting, running and growing a small business isn’t simple, especially during times of change. Now, small business owners in NSW don’t need to manage these tasks alone.

What we are doing 

Service NSW for Business makes it faster and easier for people to start, run, grow and adapt a business. We do this in three ways.  

Business Concierge 

Our free, personalised support and step-by-step guidance helps small business owners navigate the requirements of government at local, state and federal levels. Business Concierges work one-on-one with customers to help them complete application forms and understand changes to regulation, with the aim of opening or expanding a business faster.  

Online Business Guides 

The Service NSW for Business website includes information and guides that explain the processes, regulations, timeframes and costs involved in starting, running and growing a small business in NSW.  

Digital Platform

A digital platform with regulatory information in one location as well as the ability for small business owners to create a personalised Business Profile to help manage their regulatory obligations, complete or initiate transactions across government and keep track of their progress.  


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How we can help

Service NSW for Business can help small business owners who need support and guidance on: 

  • grant applications 
  • changes to government regulations 
  • licences and permits 
  • government requirements and support at local, state and federal levels. 

Customer Service Unit

The Customer Experience Unit supports programs such as Service NSW for Business by ensuring the customer is at the centre of policy and service design, funding, delivery and evaluation across the public sector.  

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