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Answers to your questions about the regional gap year program. 

What is the Regional Gap Year NSW?

The Regional Gap Year NSW is a program encouraging young Australians aged 17-24 to come and work in regional NSW in 2020-2021.  Employers throughout regional NSW are facing a shortage of workers as they can no longer rely on backpackers and overseas workers due to COVID-19 travel restrictions.

The Regional Gap Year NSW aims to help young Australians who are out of work or not sure what their next step is to connect with employment opportunities, make social connections, have unforgettable experiences and support employers who need jobs filled.

Young people who undertake a gap year in regional towns have the chance to upskill in new industries, meet down-to-earth people, make new friends and be part of vibrant communities.  There’s spectacular, natural beauty on offer in regional NSW, from the outback to the lush rainforests in Northern NSW, to the relaxed vibe of coastal towns and the stunning surrounds of the Southern Highlands.

There are thousands of jobs available throughout regional NSW offering young Australians diverse experiences– in the bush or on the coast – picking fruit, vegetables or cotton, childminding, labouring, hospitality – even working as a lifeguard.  If you don’t have any experience, this could be a great way of going about it and putting something meaningful on your CV.

The Regional NSW Gap Year provides young Australians with access to a diverse array of jobs across regional NSW in a range of industries, including agriculture, hospitality, construction, childcare, tourism, government, volunteering and sport and rec.  Most of the work requires no previous experience, and you can earn hourly rates of up to $24 in hospitality for example, or a weekly income of $200 - $275 as an au pair.

The Regional Gap Year NSW can help you gain financial independence, gain exposure to different careers and fund your next adventure while living and working in vibrant regional NSW communities.

The Regional NSW Gap Year is targeting young Australians aged 17 to24, however in many cases there is not an age limit.  Please contact the employer directly for more information.

Most jobs do not require previous skills or experience, however some do and some previous background experience will be highly regarded.  Contact the employer directly for more information.

Depending on the length of the contract, you may be able to fit more than one or two jobs in and get to experience different kinds of work in various places. There are opportunities to build a travel schedule and move around the state over the course of a year.

Jobs will be advertised at different times so there is no application due date, it will depend on what the employer requires.

Check out the various job opportunities on this website and register your interest.  Have a simple CV prepared to apply for a job.  Use our support services, if you need help with this.

The majority of jobs do not require previous experience or skills, but some do. Contact the employer if you’re not sure.

Find out more information about the area you’ll travel to and look for accommodation.

Look here for information on how to qualify for Youth Allowance.

The Regional NSW Gap Year program was created to meet the immediate challenges both young Australians and employers are facing due to drought, bushfires and COVID-19.  The Regional NSW Gap Year will create new connections between young Australians and regional NSW employers long after the program has finished.

We hope that young people continue to travel and work in regional NSW into the future.

You can contact the Regional NSW Gap Year Program by emailing

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