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Get Ready Program for local councils

The Get Ready Program gives councils targeted information, resources and support to help their local communities build resilience and prepare for disasters.


Councils play a vital role in managing emergencies and are a trusted and important source of information for local communities.

Become a Get Ready Council and join the community of councils already in the program helping local residents and businesses take simple steps to prepare for disasters. 

  • When you sign up you receive a resource kit, tailored to each individual council.
  • The kit contains practical information and tools you can use to easily and effectively communicate with your community, plus a targeted plan on how to use the resources.
  • Get Ready Councils receive ongoing practical guidance and support to help their communities prepare for disasters and build resilience.


Benefits for councils

  • Resources tailored to your individual council community
  • A targeted plan on how to use your resources and tools 
  • Ongoing support and assistance
  • Seasonal campaign kits to promote disaster awareness
  • Be part of a community of Get Ready Councils 

Resources for councils

Get Ready for disasters

Register for the Get Ready Program and receive a practical resource kit, with ready-made material and content.

The council kit includes:

  • Get Ready logo (localised to your area)
  • Get Ready preparedness messaging
  • Website copy 
  • Social Media post templates
  • Media release templates
  • Media talking points 
  • Radio - Community Service Announcements 
  • Calendar of events 
  • Graphic design collateral (including icons, posters and flyers)
  • Booklet for businesses
  • You will also receive seasonal campaign kits to promote disaster preparedness.

Planning for a disaster

The Local Disaster Communication Planning Framework, (PDF 1.48MB) gives an overview and practical guidance to support local councils with effective disaster communication prior to and during events, through to supporting recovery and building resilience.

Providing a framework and tools to support strategic communication focused on solving problems, supporting operational objectives, and serving the community’s needs.



Disaster Framework

Register or ask a question

To order the Get Ready toolkit or a customised logo for your council, or If you have any questions about the Get Ready Program, please contact Resilience NSW on


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