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The NSW Reconstruction Authority formed following the 2022 NSW Flood Inquiry.

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The NSW Reconstruction Authority (RA) was established to proactively reduce the impact of future disasters across NSW and to help communities recover from them faster.

We will complete critical planning and preparation with communities, businesses and all levels of government to reduce the impact natural disasters have on our lives.

When disasters occur, our staff will work closely with emergency services and community leaders to understand what local communities will need to recover. Once the immediate threat has eased, we will lead recovery efforts in collaboration with community leaders and other recovery partners.

The NSW Reconstruction Authority will be there for communities long before a disaster and will work with them on recovery and reconstruction long after the disaster has passed.

Why we were established?

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Many NSW residents live in disaster-prone areas and nearly all communities across the state have experienced a disaster since 2019. In that time, NSW has seen 60 declared disasters, with 20,000 homes damaged in 2022 alone.

The NSW Reconstruction Authority was established in response to these recent disasters and aims to take a more focused approach to recovery, reconstruction and in particular mitigation and adaption.

Through increased powers – underpinned by the NSW Reconstruction Authority Act 2022 and the NSW Reconstruction Authority Regulation 2023 – we will address these increasing threats to people, property, our economy, and the environment.

Where we operate

The NSW Reconstruction Authority is a state-wide organisation with a centralised team overseeing major projects, and far-reaching regional teams who are active in their communities across NSW.

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