Regional Job Precincts

Regional Job Precincts, an extension of the Special Activation Precinct program, will provide planning support to help fast-track approvals to drive growth, investment and development opportunities within regional NSW. 

What will Regional Job Precincts deliver?

Regional Job Precincts will deliver faster planning approvals to provide local councils, regional communities, industry and businesses with greater confidence around future investment and development.

The initiative will drive local planning reform, investment and new jobs in regional NSW. It will focus on identified target locations that are aligned with region-specific engine industries and businesses and are ready for development.

The NSW Government will work closely with local councils to build on the long-term strategic planning work already done at a state and local level, to streamline planning processes and make it easier for businesses to set-up or expand.

Where are Regional Job Precincts planned?

  • Albury: the Albury Regional Job Precinct will build on the NEXUS Industrial Precinct to enable development across a range of sectors such as freight and logistics, agribusiness and manufacturing.
  • Richmond Valley: a second Regional Job Precinct has been announced in Richmond Valley. This precinct will leverage opportunities and strengths in Richmond Valley’s existing industries of agriculture, manufacturing and renewable energy. 
  • South Jerrabomberra: the third Regional Job Precinct will leverage opportunities and investment within the Poplars Innovation Precinct to enable development across defence, space, cyber-security, information technology and scientific research.
  • Namoi Region: a Namoi Regional Job Precinct will focus on growing opportunities in intensive agriculture and livestock production.

How will Regional Job Precincts work?

The NSW Government has commenced the initial round of Regional Job Precincts to assist in the development of technical studies and provide planning support. 

The NSW Government will provide a team of specialist planners who will work with councils, businesses and communities to identify their needs, audit local planning rules and find opportunities to streamline processes and progress existing developments to drive investment and create more jobs. 

A flexible approach will be applied to each location tailored to the needs of each region. The approach will follow six flexible steps. 


Regional Job Precincts Process Infographic


    Upon completion of the initial round of Regional Job Precincts, the NSW Government will review the initiative to see how it may be rolled-out to further locations across regional NSW. 

    Assessment of the initial locations will be completed in 2021. 

    What are the benefits to the community?

    The NSW Government will work directly with local councils and communities to improve local planning processes to unlock investment and growth opportunities for regional economies, delivering stability and creating jobs. 

    Regional Job Precincts are part of the NSW Government’s commitment to support regional communities and accelerate economic growth in regional NSW. 

    How can communities get involved?

    Community members in the Regional Job Precinct locations will have the opportunity to provide feedback throughout the development of the precincts. Updates on upcoming community engagement opportunities will be communicated across local council and NSW Government communication channels.

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