Get involved and ways to participate

Learn about volunteering, work experience, voting and youth organisations.

A group collects rubbish in parklands as two women in face masks bump elbows
Voting is your chance to decide the government. All Australian citizens over 18 years are required by law to enrol and vote.

Work experience is your opportunity to try out a new career for a short period of time and gain real experience in the workplace.

Learn new skills and give your time and passion to an organisation you care about.

Have your voice heard

The YAC meets regularly throughout the year to provide advice to the Government on issues, policies and laws that affect children and young people in NSW. You can apply for membership if you are between 12 and 24 years old.

ACYP works with lawmakers to improve the safety, welfare and wellbeing of children and young people. You can engage with ACYP and participate in events, roundtables and competitions.

You can connect with other young people from regional NSW on issues including getting a job, mental health and public transport.

The Youth Consult for Change are a group of young people who give advice and feedback to the NSW Government about children and young people in care.

Youth Action represents young people and the services that support them in NSW and advocates for positive change. Subscribe to their newsletter to hear about upcoming sessions and opportunities for young people.

Become a member of Youth Action to advocate for better outcomes for young people and the services that support them. 

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