The NSW Government logo is the only branding to be used on hoarding
for NSW Government projects.

These examples show the correct usage and placement of the NSW Government logo.

Where there are non NSW Government funding contributors, this should be discussed with your cluster brand team and/or the NSW Government Brand team.

Private sector partners (for example, construction companies, delivery and management partners, architectural and design firms etc.) are not to be acknowledged.

On standard hoarding, please use double the “N” height for clear space.

For continuous hoardings, please repeat the NSW Government logo at minimum every 10 metres for clear visibility.

Hoarding may contain additional information e.g. relevant project information, contact details etc. and imagery as long as it is of customer benefit. Ensure text is of an appropriate size and allow suitable space around the content for optimal readability from a distance. 

Hoarding examples


Co-branded hoardings (where a co-branding exemption has been allowed) please follow the same clear space rule.

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