First time QR code users

A step-by-step guide to help you use a QR code system for checking into businesses and venues.

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Using the camera on your phone

You may be able to use the camera on your mobile phone to read a QR code which will automatically activate a check-in form.

This method may not work for older phone models.

Check that your mobile phone is compatible. If your mobile isn't compatible, we recommend you check-in via an app or manually.

Look for a poster or flier with a QR code. This may be posted outside the premises or near the entry or near a counter.

The QR code is a square box with an irregular black/white checker pattern inside. 

Unlock your phone and look for the camera widget.

Tip: look for widget with an icon of a camera. 

Position the camera so that the QR code is centred in your screen.

Hold the camera in front of the QR code for a moment so it can focus and recognise the QR code.

If your camera is able to pick up a QR code this way

  • you will receive a pop-up notification or
  • tap the QR code image on your screen.


If your camera can read a QR code, you will receive a prompt.

Tap the prompt – you should automatically be taken to a sign-in form.

If you do not receive a prompt or you cannot see the check-in form, this method may not work for you. You can

  • ask a staff member for help or for a manual check-in
  • try checking in using the Service NSW app (you may need to download the app for this method and there are a few steps involved).

Add or confirm your name and phone number. 

If you have any dependents with you, such as children or other dependent family members, add their names too.

Please make sure to enter your details correctly. 

This will help contact tracers get in touch with you in case a suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19 has been identified as visiting that location.

Submit your details.

If the form does not submit, check that you've entered the information correctly into the fields.

For example, you may receive an error message if

  • you try to enter an email address without the '@' symbol
  • you enter words into a phone field.

If you've successfully completed the form, a confirmation message will appear. 

Show the confirmation or green tick to the staff member. 

For other adults with you, it is best for contact tracing if they enter their own details individually. This will help contract tracers get in touch with everyone more quickly.

    Mobile phones that can scan QR codes

    Apple iPhone



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