COVID-19 Safety Plan Checklist

Follow these steps to manage the risks of COVID-19 and keep your workplace, staff and others safe.

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Under WHS law, all employers or businesses must manage the risk of COVID-19 to people in the workplace. This checklist can be used to create your own COVID-19 safety plan. However, use of this template isn't mandatory.

This COVID-19 Safety Plan outlines actions you can take to minimise the risk of disease spreading in your workplace and in the community. But every workplace is different. Consider how you can address the risks of COVID-19 in the context of your business.

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How to use this checklist

  1. Read the guidelines to make sure you’ve implemented the COVID-safe measures.

  2. You can add more or alternative actions in the notes sections. Describe how you’ll apply this in your workplace.

  3. Save the safety plan as a PDF to share it with workers and other people.

Ensure areas are well ventilated

  • Use outdoor areas where possible.

  • Open windows and doors to increase natural ventilation in indoor areas.

  • Optimise ventilation systems (for example, maximise the intake of outside air, avoid recirculation of air, and consult an expert).

  • Maintain ventilation systems to ensure they’re working well (for example, regular filter cleaning or filter changes).

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Protect the wellbeing of workers and other people 

  • Encourage or request the use of face masks where it is difficult to maintain physical distance.
  • Consider what work can be done remotely from the premises (for instance, what work could be completed from home).

  • Use telephone or video platforms for meetings where possible.

  • Exclude workers and other people who are unwell.

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Maintain good hygiene practices

  • Ensure hand sanitiser is available to workers and others in key locations.

  • Supply bathrooms with hand soap, paper towels or hand dryers. 

  • Avoid sharing items, equipment and workspaces. If sharing can’t be avoided, clean them between uses.

  • Regularly clean areas and surfaces that are frequently touched. 

  • Workers wear personal protective equipment when cleaning, and wash their hands before and after with soap and water.

  • Use disinfectant solutions at the correct strength. Use according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

  • Ensure any rubbish is collected regularly to avoid rubbish overflow.

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Maintain physical distancing 

  • Support 1.5m physical distance between people where possible. 
  • Avoid close groupings of people, such as between seated groups, workstations or queues.

  • Stagger bookings, start times and breaks to minimise contact.
  • Have strategies to reduce crowding or gathering outside premises.
  • Encourage contactless payment and delivery.

  • Mark out and use separate entry and exit points, if possible. 

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Provide COVID-19 information and training to workers

  • Provide staff with information and training on COVID-19 and on how to minimise risk of COVID-19 transmission. For example, train staff about COVID-safe behaviours, or when to get a COVID-19 test and self isolate.

  • Encourage workers to get vaccinated.

  • Ensure workers understand their leave entitlements if they are sick or need to self isolate.

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Encourage COVID-safe behaviour through communications

  • Display and communicate conditions of entry. For example, ask people to stay away if they're unwell. Communicate this on entryways, your website and social channels.

  • Communicate occupancy or density limits, physical distancing and hygiene measures. Do this with posters, floor markings and other signs in key areas.

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Your COVID-19 policy and business obligations

  • Cooperate with NSW Health if they contact you about a positive case of COVID-19 at your workplace. Notify SafeWork NSW if a worker tests positive and is hospitalised or dies.
  • Have a plan to follow if someone with COVID-19 attended your workplace or venue.
  • You can require proof that workers and others are vaccinated, as part of your business COVID-19 policy.
  • You can require workers and other people to wear face masks, as part of your business COVID-19 policy.
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The PDF will contain the above guidelines, plus any notes you've added.

COVID-19 poster

Posters and signage

This toolkit contains signs, social media graphics and stickers to help your business promote COVID-safe behaviours in your workplace.

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