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How to Increase Job Applications in Regional NSW

26 September 2018

Regional NSW offers exciting career opportunities for teachers, engineers, nurses, doctors, business owners and other professionals. Here are some tips on how BI can help to make it easy and attractive for applicants to make the move.

Make it more attractive to move to regional NSW.

Changing the Scene

Sometimes people living in metro Sydney can find it difficult to anticipate what it might be like to relocate to regional New South Wales, unless they know others who have made the ‘sea change,’ or if they’ve previously holidayed in the area. Brief exposure to rural and remote regions can dispel any reservations, showing that communities in regional NSW are waiting with vibrant and diverse experiences for individuals and families.

In our previous blog post, we discussed our trial that used behavioural insights to successfully attract trainee teachers to apply for professional placements in rural and remote NSW. Our work translates into other sectors. Regional NSW towns and cities are not just welcoming new teachers; these communities are also offering exciting careers for trainees and experts in other fields, including engineering, nursing, medical doctors and business owners.

The NSW Government has established a long-term plan to continue sustainable growth in regional economies. There is already plenty of support for people making the move, from finding fulfilling work, to joining community and sporting activities, to accessing quality health and education. Employers across multiple industries are offering satisfying career prospects. We just need more people to seize these opportunities.

Here’s where BI can help.

Make it easy and attractive to apply

Reduce any hassle factors in the application process

Often, more effort (friction costs) is required to apply for a regional rather than metro job.  Auto-populate forms and make research about the location easy with hyperlinks.

Check the default settings on application software

Software may not show regional places at all or may match applicants on proximity to their home. Show all available jobs. Lists of available jobs should be “chunked” e.g. by region or broken up into groups of seven to ease the choice. 

Use novelty and maximise the appeal of regional NSW

People are inundated with email and requests. Use a medium, like a post-card, that is novel, eye-catching  and cuts through. Tap into what appeals to applicants’ identity:  career benefits, making a difference, challenge, adventure.

Use social influencers and timely reminders to increase applications

Use influential messengers to create network nudges

Humans are social creatures. They listen to influential messengers: their parents, respected leaders, their peers.  Testimonial videos can use the messenger effect to overcome risk aversion. Expose influential messengers to regional opportunities to start positive conversations or network nudges.

Allow more planning time and timely reminders

Regional applications require more planning. Time pressure can make applicants choose locations that  they recognise (familiarity heuristic). Give applicants enough time to research locations. Send text reminders close to the deadline.

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