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Grandparents laughing with young child

Celebrate NSW Grandparents Day

NSW Grandparents Day celebrates the diversity of grandparent relationships across age groups, cultural backgrounds, and geographical locations.

Grandparents, grand-friends, kin, and those who take on the role of a grandparent in their family or community are recognsied for their contributions.

Even though we may be separated, there are lots of NSW Grandparents Day activities you can enjoy this year.

Find activities

Local Grandparents Day awards

The NSW Local Grandparent of the Year award recognises the wonderful contribution older people make. Read about last year's winner.
Older man wearing checked shirt carrying a young child on his shoulders

NSW Grandparents Day resources

Find resources for your organisation or school. Get posters, social media banners and activities for you to try at home.
Older man wearing glasses reading a picture book with a child


Grandparents and grand-friends share stories about the joy of spending time with their grandchildren.
Grandparents sitting and laughing with small child standing in the middle
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