Camden Community Nursery Project

About the Project

The Camden Community Nursery project involves a Council run community nursery to produce local native plants for a wide range of revegetation and restoration projects. The project contributes to increasing canopy cover, mitigation of urban heat and improved biodiversity outcomes through habitat and wildlife corridor restoration within the Camden local government area. 

Project Scope

The project features:

  • Shared office, amenities, meeting room and car parking with the Companion Animal Care Facility
  • Storage including seed storage
  • Insulated, environmentally controlled poly greenhouse
  • Covered and uncovered growing areas
  • Rainwater tanks and irrigation system
  • Drainage works
  • Driveway, parking and pathways
  • Material storage bays
  • Landscaping, fencing and signage

  Fast Facts


NSW Government Funding: $4,024,727.00

TOTAL PROJECT VALUE: $4,024,727.00


Camden Council

Aboriginal Land:


Project Updates

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