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QR code and business resources

Businesses and organisations registered as COVID Safe can access their customised resources online.

Access your COVID Safe business resources online

Enter the email address you used to register your business or organisation to go to your COVID Safe resources.

What you get in your COVID Safe resources

Your COVID Safe resources online are personalised to your business or organisation.

Here's a quick guide to the resources you'll get and how to use them.

Unique QR code and online concierge check-in form

QR Code block screen grab

  • QR code works with COVID Safe Check-in on the Service NSW app. It makes customer record keeping easier for you, with all customer data going straight to Service NSW.
  • Service NSW Check-in Webform can be used as an alternative to QR codes for collecting contact details, for instance when your customer or visitor doesn’t have a smartphone.

Signage and posters

Posters block screen grab

Find a range of COVID Safe posters to display on your premises to let customers and visitors know you’re looking after their health and wellbeing.

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