Floating button banner

The Floating button banner displays to ensure the button is always visible as the audience scroll down the page. 


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Use the Floating button banner for urgent matters only

The Floating button banner is only for urgent matters such as quick exits or emergency advice. For example, domestic abuse quick exit click to another website or people in emergency situations like floods or fires that need to dial 000.

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When to use the Floating button banner


  • Only available for use on landing pages in an edge to edge section.
  • Limit of 1 Floating button banner per page. Multiple Floating button banners will confuse the audience. 
  • The Floating button banner text should be clear and concise — limit of 50 characters. Try to limit the button text to 2 to 4 words. 


  • Don't use the Floating button banner for general call to actions like newsletter subscriptions.

How to add the Floating button banner

1. Add an Edge to edge section to your landing page. This is the only section you can use to ensure the sticky button works.

2. Click to Add Block, + Create Custom Block.

3. Click on Floating button banner.


4. Enter the details for your Floating button banner. 

  1. URL (mandatory) – add a Link to another page (Mandatory) – Content (internal page) or Managed link (external page). Avoid linking to items in the media library. 
  2. Link text – the button text. Maximum 50 characters. Try to limit the button text to 2 to 4 words. 
  3. Icon (optional).
  4. Contextual information (optional) – add clear and concise contextual information to the Floating button banner. Use sentence case. 
  5. Button style – the default style is Primary Button (Dark). You can also select secondary or alert styles. Learn more about buttons

5. Click to Add block.

6. Save layout to display the button. It should appear 'stuck' to the bottom of the browser window as you scroll the page. 

How the Floating button banner displays

Example #1

Hyperlinked button (Primary), button text with icon, contextual information, edge to edge section.

Button text

Add clear and concise contextual information to support the call to action.

Live examples

You can see live examples of how agencies have applied this component to their content.

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