Thoroughbred racing

Thoroughbred racing in NSW is controlled and regulated by Racing NSW, a statutory body established under the Thoroughbred Racing Act 1996.

Racing NSW

Racing NSW is responsible for both commercial and regulatory functions of NSW thoroughbred racing.

These functions include:

  • controlling, supervising and regulating horse racing in NSW
  • developing and implementing policies that support the promotion, strategic development and welfare of thoroughbred racing in NSW
  • undertaking the functions of the principal club for NSW under the Australian Rules of Racing
  • undertaking functions with respect to insuring participants in the thoroughbred racing industry. 

Racing NSW is governed by a Board consisting of seven members appointed by the Minister for and its CEO and the Minister for Lands and Water and Minister for Hospitality and Racing. Members are appointed following merit-based selection in accordance with the requirements of the Thoroughbred Racing Act 1996 and the Public Service Commission’s Appointments Standards for Boards and Committees in the NSW Public Sector.

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