Important Updates: NSW Business and Skilled Migration Program 2023-24


This update aims to provide you with essential insights into our Program size, approach, and partnership with the Australian Department of Home Affairs. Together, we are working to fill important skill gaps and contribute to Australia's skilled migration landscape. 

Our common goals

Aligned with the Australian Government, our goals are straightforward: we're using our nominations to address skill shortages across various sectors, with a special focus on priority areas including health, education, and infrastructure. Our work with the Australian Government helps us find the best ways to fill these gaps in NSW. 

2023-24 allocation

Information on how state and territory allocations has been distributed for the 2023-24 year have been published on the Home Affairs website.  

Your opportunities in NSW

We're partnering with the Australian Government on the "Dream Big" campaign to encourage migration to NSW. We are committed to making NSW an appealing place for skilled migrants from around the world. Stay tuned for exciting events coming up. 

Guidelines and updates  

Our nomination guidelines will largely remain consistent with last year's framework. However, adjustments to the skilled occupation list are under consideration, reflecting our ongoing commitment to aligning with the current needs and priorities. While we don't anticipate significant changes, we recognise the importance of staying responsive to emerging trends. Any updates or alterations will be announced as promptly as possible, and for the most up-to-date information, we recommend regularly checking our website. 

Skilled invitation rounds 

Our skilled invitation rounds will continue throughout the financial year. We expect these rounds to be highly competitive. Because receiving an invitation to apply for our nomination is not guaranteed, we strongly urge all those interested in migrating to NSW to explore all other migration pathways and not rely solely on being invited.  

It's likely that invitation rounds will begin near the end of September. 

We're excited about what's to come and grateful for your support. Your partnership helps make sure NSW remains a sought-after destination for skilled migrants. 

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