Important information about accepting your NSW invitation

What you need to know about accepting your invitation to apply for NSW nomination.

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Key points

  • You must ensure your SkillSelect EOI is correct and all claims can be supported by evidence
  • Ensure you meet all NSW nomination criteria on the date you were invited to apply for nomination
  • Ensure you have not over-claimed points for skilled employment. You can only claim employment after the date you have been deemed skilled by your skills assessor (where applicable)
  • If you experience an issue submitting your application, refer to the troubleshooting tips outlined below. Note: we cannot provide technical support for accessing our form
  • Your invitation link is valid for 14 days —this is inclusive of the day you receive your invitation email. You must ensure you apply to NSW before your link expires, your invitation link will not be reissued
  • Ensure you are ready to complete the application payment of $330 immediately after applying to NSW
  • Application assessments can take up to six weeks. Do not contact us for an update during this time

NSW will only nominate you once

NSW will not renominate applicants who are unable to apply to Home Affairs for their visa because their SkillSelect EOI is incorrect. 

Common reasons applications are declined

Common reasons why applications are declined include where an applicant:

  • Wasn't eligible to claim all the points in their EOI. It is the responsibility of the EOI owner to ensure they can provide evidence for all the claims in their EOI
  • Over-claimed points for employment. If your skills assessment displays a date you have been deemed skilled in your occupation, you cannot claim points for skilled employment before this date. This particularly applies to ACS and most VETASSESS assessments
  • Does not meet the residency requirement. You were invited on the basis of where your SkillSelect EOI says you currently reside. See below for information about our residency requirement and how to supply evidence for where you currently reside
  • Does not meet the work experience requirement (where applicable). Applicants skilled in designated ANZSCO unit groups are required to show evidence they have completed a minimum three years skilled work experience in their nominated (or closely related) occupation. This employment must be deemed skilled. These are identified with a tick (✔)  under the 'Experience' column on our NSW skilled occupation lists page. See below for information about how to show evidence of your skilled employment. 

If one of the above situations applies to you, you cannot accept your invitation to apply at this time. Do not contact our office seeking an exception by email or phone, it will not be granted. 

If you are not eligible to accept your invitation at this time, you must submit a new EOI in SkillSelect to be considered again in a future invitation round. 

Expired assessments and passports

If your English or skills assessment, or passport has expired, you can still apply to NSW using your invitation link.

To do so, apply using your expired documents as evidence you are eligible, and contact us to advise you are obtaining a new assessment/passport. 

It is important you obtain a new skills assessment in the occupation you were nominated by NSW in. You cannot provide a new assessment in a different occupation. 

Residency requirement

You were invited on the basis of where your SkillSelect EOI says you currently reside. Our residency requirement is as follows:

Onshore candidates

If you are residing onshore, you must:

  • be currently residing in NSW and either:
    • have genuinely and continuously resided in NSW for the past three months, or
    • be gainfully employed in a long-term capacity in NSW in your nominated (or closely related) occupation for a minimum 20 hours per week 

Offshore candidates

If you are residing offshore, you must:

  • have continuously resided offshore for the past three months, and
  • have a valid skills assessment for an occupation within an ANZSCO unit group that accepts offshore candidates —these unit groups are identified with a tick (✔)  under the 'Offshore' column on our NSW skilled occupation lists page

Exceptions will not be granted to this requirement.

Proving your NSW or offshore residency

To prove your NSW residency you must provide:

  • Bank statements for a minimum six months from your main transaction account showing your salary and everyday transactions

In addition to following documents (as applicable to you):

  • Rental or lease agreements
  • Utility bills, e.g. gas, water etc
  • Other bills, e.g. phone, internet etc
  • Driver’s license or proof of age card

If your assessor requires further evidence of your residency, they will contact you via the email provided with your application.

Claiming skilled employment

For the purpose of NSW nomination, you may only claim employment after the date you have been deemed skilled by your assessor – this includes for meeting the three year skilled employment requirement (where applicable). If you have claimed employment in your SkillSelect EOI before this date, and this has increased your point score, you are not eligible to accept your invitation.

You can show evidence of your skilled employment by providing:

  • Skills assessment containing a skilled employment assessment
  • Employment contract
  • Employment reference letter detailing your length of employment, duties performed, and hours worked per week
  • Payslips
  • Superannuation statements

If your skilled employment is entirely covered in your skills assessment, you do not need to provide further employment evidence.

If your employment is included on your skills assessment, but has continued after, you do not need to obtain a new assessment. You can provide evidence of your continued employment by providing recent payslips.

Important information for ICT professionals

If you are claiming points for skilled employment 

You must provide an ACS 'skills assessment' with your application, and you must have your employment assessed by ACS. You cannot provide a 'post-Australian study assessment'. 

You can only claim points for skilled employment after the date ACS deems you to be skilled in your occupation.

If you are not claiming points for skilled employment 

You can provide any ACS assessment accepted by Home Affairs.

NSW application fee

Immediately after applying, you will receive an  email containing a payment link to complete the application payment.

The application fee is:

  • A$330 (including GST) if applying from within Australia
  • A$300 if applying from outside Australia

NSW accepts MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Diners Club International or Union Pay.

If you do not complete the payment during the 30-minute window after submitting your application, you must call our office on +61 2 4908 4898 between 10 am and 12:30 pm Sydney time to be issued a new payment link. We will not reissue payments links by email request. 


The payment link is only valid for 30 minutes.

If you do not complete the payment within this time, you need to contact us by phone to arrange a new link to be sent manually.  


I didn't receive the application acknowledgement and payment link emails

First check your spam/junk email folder.

If the emails cannot be found in these folders, this will be because you have entered your email address incorrectly in your application. To correct this, email our skilled inbox to provide the correct email address.  

The application form won't submit or times out

We cannot provide technical support if you are unable to submit your application.

If you are unable to submit your form it will most likely be because either:

  • Your browser is preventing the form submission
  • You have submitted too many documents or exceeded the maximum size limit of 25 MB total file size (i.e. not 25MB per document)

Suggesting troubleshooting tips include deleting all browser cookies/history, and/or reduce the number of documents attached to your application. If further documents are required, your assessor will be in touch for you to provide them via email. 

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