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We're creating a way for you to prove your identity anytime, anywhere, with a digital version of your birth certificate.

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Going digital

Spending time trying to find where you put your paper birth certificate will soon be a thing of the past.

We're developing a way for you to access a digital version of your birth certificate.

Perfect if you prefer the convenience of carrying your identity documents on your smartphone.

The digital version will be optional and paper-based certificates will remain.

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The digital birth certificate will provide you with a safe and secure way to prove who you are, allowing you to establish your legal identity and operate within the community. Easier for you to do things like open a bank account, prove your age, or enrol in sport or study.

Easily accessible

Housed in a standalone app and accessible at any time so that you can transact when it’s most convenient to you.

Safe and secure

No need to worry about it being misplaced, stolen or damaged. If you lose your smartphone, your certificate is protected by the security on your device.


NSW residents will be able to add the certificate to their Service NSW app, alongside their digital driver licence, COVID-19 vaccination certificate, trade licences and more.

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Privacy and security

We've built strong partnerships with cyber security and identity theft experts so you can feel confident in our robust safeguards.

The digital birth certificate app will be compliant with all relevant privacy and cyber security guidelines.

Leading a national approach

The NSW Government is developing the Digital Birth Certificate on behalf of all Australian states and territories.

NSW born citizens will be the first to be able to access their digital birth certificate with a launch later in 2023.

How we are tracking

80% of customers said they would use a digital birth certificate if it was widely accepted by government, businesses, schools, and sporting organisations in a national Have Your Say community consultation survey.

Since then, we’ve been learning about who you are, the challenges that you face and what a digital birth certificate could mean for you.

Your feedback has helped us design a digital certificate that is secure, makes it quick and easy to prove who you are and reduces the need for replacement.

We've completed testing on the design and technology to ensure it is fit for purpose and easy to use.

The build phase of the project is underway and a pilot in NSW is not far away.

We'll have more to share with you soon.

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