New Digital Seniors Card

The Digital Seniors Card provides anyone aged 60 or over living in NSW with access to discounts and rebates from a range of service providers and businesses.



It has been 30 years since the first Seniors Card was introduced for anyone aged 60 or over living in NSW. The card has paved the way older people access discounts and rebates from a range of service providers, including gas and electricity. Transitioning to a digital card gives older people more choice, flexibility, and a chance to use their digital skills if they choose to tap into this option.

Discounted services at seniors’ fingertips 

When the card was introduced in 1992, 250,000 seniors had access to concessions from 320 goods and service providers. Today it is one of the largest programs of its kind in Australia with 1.9 million seniors able to access discounts and rebates at more than 6500 shops, travel, entertainment and professional services. 

The Seniors Card has always been in step with the times and the introduction of a Digital Seniors Card simplifies access to cost-of-living savers for seniors. The digital card is opt-in only, so customers will continue to receive a physical card. 

Digital Seniors Card on your phone 

Any NSW permanent resident aged 60 or over can apply for a NSW Seniors Card. It will also provide access to discounted services in other states and the Gold Opal Card (if working less than 20 hours per week), which includes NSW transport concessions and transport concessions Australia-wide (in most cases). For more information or to apply for a card, visit the Seniors Card website

“I am a quadriplegic and find this extremely helpful instead of trying to use a plastic card. Many thanks for your help in this matter.”

– Digital Seniors Card customer

“So easy to apply for one through this app everything is linked.”

– Digital Seniors Card customer

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