State of the Customer

The NSW Government's vision is to become the world's most customer-centric government by 2030. Being customer-centric means we centre everything around our customers, the people and businesses of NSW. The State of the Customer report reflects back to customers their experience of government services and tracks our progress towards this vision.


Everyone who lives, works, visits or invests in NSW are customers of the NSW Government, including businesses.

Customers may interact with the NSW Government in different ways, such as getting a driver licence, applying for a grant or enjoying our national parks. In some cases, customers may not directly interact with the government, but instead receive the benefits of policy and regulation, such as cleaner environments and safer neighbourhoods. Good customer experiences can save effort, give time back to customers, and make living and working in NSW better.

Here's what customers told us 


of customers find it easy to interact with NSW Government services.


of customers are satisfied with their experience with NSW Government services.


of customers trust NSW Government services are working in their best interests.

Our customers

Our customers include the people, communities and businesses of NSW. Find out more about how our customers are experiencing our services.



Individuals, communities and businesses expect government services to be easy, effective and trustworthy no matter who they are, where they are or what they need.

See how NSW compares

We surveyed customers of Victoria and Queensland, as well as those from other countries, to compare and understand how satisfied NSW customers are with government services.

Note: other jurisdictions are surveyed annually in March. The results shown are therefore based on data collected in March 2022.


Customer Commitments

Our Customer Commitments are our promise to customers on what to
expect when interacting with our services.



How well are we delivering on our Commitments to customers?

The 6 Customer Commitments show our customers that NSW Government listens, understands their evolving needs, and strives to deliver world-class service.

These include: easy to access, act with empathy, respect my time, explain what to expect, resolve the situation and engage the community.

Here's what customers told us

Customers were shown a series of Customer Commitment statements and were asked to rate them based on their experience interacting with government services.

What are we doing well?

The following statements highlight areas most respondents agree are working well for them:

  • 83% of customers were able to do what they set out to do.
  • 82% of customers were able to reach an outcome.
  • 82% of customer thought the information accessed was simple to understand.

    Where can we improve?

    The following statements highlight areas that need improvement, based on the least number of respondents agreeing with the statements:

    • 53% of customers felt they were able to provide feedback on how services could be improved.
    • 58% of customers felt they were able to provide feedback on the services they received.
    • 68% of customers thought services made an effort to see things from their perspective.


    We deliver a diverse range of services that cater to customers with different needs and circumstances. Learn about our services and how customers experience them.



    Top 10 government services used

    We asked customers which government services they have used in the last 12 months. Here's what they told us:

    Putting customers at the centre of government means being there when you need support, being easy to deal with and working hard in the background to make lives better.

    About the State of the Customer report

    State of the Customer reports on our goal to deliver easy, effective and trustworthy government services. It represents a new way to publish customer experiences based on what people have told us about our services. The State of the Customer report has been compiled from feedback captured through the NSW Government Customer Experience Survey (CXS), one of the largest public sector customer experience surveys of its kind in the world. Read more about the report and survey methodology.

    Read the full State of the Customer report online by navigating the different sections of this website.

    Featured case studies



    Making it easier to give your children the best start in life

    Brighter Beginnings supports children, families and carers in the first 2000 days of life, from conception to the time a child starts school.



    Making it easier to find ways to boost budgets

    The Savings Finder helps NSW customers find and access more than 70 rebates and savings offered by NSW Government agencies to help ease their cost of living.



    Making it easy to get COVID-19 protection

    NSW Government mass vaccinations centres played a significant role in administering millions of doses of COVID-19 vaccines.



    Improving legal services for the most vulnerable in our community

    Legal Aid NSW has made significant changes to transform the quality of its services and make access much easier, with more changes to come.



    Applying for, renewing and using a licence is now much easier

    The NSW Government is making it easier for businesses and licenced occupations to apply for and renew their required licences.



    Service NSW for Business

    Making it easier for NSW business owners to get the support, information and tools they need to start, run and grow a business.

    About the data

    Source: NSW Government Customer Experience Survey (CXS). About the survey methodology.

    Fieldwork: January to June 2022. Other jurisdictions surveyed in March 2022 only.

    • Thinking about your experience with the government service…
      • How easy or difficult was it to do this?
      • How satisfied or dissatisfied were you with this experience?
      • To what extent do you trust the government service to be working in your best interests?
    • Thinking about all your experiences with each of the following industries and public services over the past 12 months, how satisfied would you say you are with each?

    Base: Customers who have interacted with government services in the last 12 months.
    Sample sizes:

    • NSW: Ease and Satisfaction (n=12028), Trust (n=12161), Customer Commitments (various n=9044 to 11588), used other industry or public service in the last 12 months (various n=6963 to 11928).
    • Jurisdiction comparisons (based on data from March 2022): NSW (n=2048), Victoria (n=2195), Queensland (n=2140), New Zealand (n=1310), United Kingdom (n=1374), Canada (n=1364), Singapore (n=1412), Germany (n=1296), Denmark (n=1278).

    Definitions and notes:

    • Ease of service is calculated as the percentage of customers that selected ‘Very easy’ or ‘Somewhat easy’.
    • Satisfaction with service is calculated as the percentage of customers that selected ‘Very satisfied’ or ‘Somewhat satisfied’.
    • Trust in service is calculated as the percentage of customers that selected ‘Trust a great deal’ or ‘Somewhat trust’.
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