Applying for, renewing, and using a licence is now much easier

The NSW Government is making it easier for businesses and licenced occupations to apply for and renew their required licences.




licence classes have a digital licence in the Service NSW app.

Whether setting up a new business or working in construction, paperwork and queues create frustration and waste time. Unnecessarily long and difficult application processes are not only a hindrance but can have a wider negative impact on the economy by delaying people starting work and earning a living.

Licences are going digital

Through the NSW Government’s Licensing Program, more than 130 industry or occupational licences and permits will be available digitally by the end of 2024. Some are already active including those for paintball operators and enthusiasts, design and building practitioners, asbestos and demolition professionals, security guards and conveyancers. Many more will be available soon.

The entire application or renewal process will be digital. This incorporates identity verification, an integrated payment engine and automated processes, which provide immediate licence approval for some customers. Applicants reuse their information though their Service NSW account online, saving time and repetition. Tradespeople are already benefitting from having digital licences on their phone rather than in their wallet.

Making the process easier for customers

All of this increases the ease and speed with which customers can apply for, renew and use their licences, meaning businesses and tradespeople are open to carry out business as soon as possible. These initiatives ensure customers can access government services anytime and from anywhere when it suits them.

“The ability to enter online saves everyone’s time.”

– NSW tradesperson



industry and occupational related licences are currently active.


new licence applications each year in NSW.

"Easy to use and worked the first time. Well done."

– NSW customer

"Convenient to have licences in one place"

– NSW customer

Benefits of digital licensing


additional days already added to the NSW economy, with many more to come.


in benefits to the NSW economy over 10 years.

Customers tell us that it is now 70% faster to apply for a licence.

More than 280,000 customers have used one of the new digital licensing products available.

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