Our region and lifestyle

Our Western NSW region is so diverse and there's something for everyone. Create a lifestyle where you can live your best life, focusing on the things that really matter to you.

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What's waiting for you in Western NSW

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Room to move

With plenty of open space, big backyards and more affordable housing options than the city, you'll have more room for the whole family to enjoy. Barbeques, backyard cricket and eating alfresco are all part of the Western NSW experience.

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Quality education

We're at the centre of regional education, with a broad range of public and private schools, two medical schools and several universities. In Western NSW, you can access the facilities and support to excel.

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Celebrate your culture

There's a place for everyone here. Western NSW is a diverse, multicultural community where you can practice your faith, cultural and spiritual beliefs. We celebrate and support all cultural backgrounds and you'll find the community to be open and welcoming.

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Explore nature

We're home to impressive farming landscapes, spectacular national parks, large dams and waterways and local councils that understand the importance of preserving nature within our towns.

Lake Burrendong
Fun and adventure

Being in the bush, outdoor pursuits and adventures are at your doorstep. Everything is on offer here – pony club, bush walking, camp drafting, water skiing on our dams and lakes, camping and even bush nippers.

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Sport and fitness

Our region offers a range of team sports and activities to keep you active, healthy and making new friends. Join a local club or pursue a sport or physical activity you've always wanted to try out.

Food, wine and culture

Our larger towns host live theatre, and galleries can be found around the region. We also have a broad range of festivals and events including wine and food, Parkes Elvis Festival, motor racing, garden rambles and poetry to name a few.

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Community connection

Our communities welcome you with a smile. Make new connections in our regional towns and enjoy our friendly and relaxed way of life. Want to try something new or make friends? Join a community group.

Aboriginal cultural heritage

Western NSW is home to many culturally significant places and stories. We value, respect and protect traditional Aboriginal cultural sites in our region.

We celebrate the deep connection to land, water and sky on Country, which is important to the spiritual and cultural wellbeing of our Aboriginal communities.

Learn more about our Indigenous region

Cowra Bridge Pylons with Aboriginal Art

Learn about Aboriginal health careers in Western NSW

Explore our region

Our hospitals and facilities

We have the largest rural mental health service in Australia, 3 major rural referral hospitals at Orange, Dubbo and Bathurst and 38 inpatient facilities including 25 Multipurpose Services and District Health Services at Mudgee, Cowra, Parkes and Forbes.

Each of our hospitals and facilities is located in a unique and vibrant Western NSW community.

Learn about our facilities and communities

Dubbo Hospital

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