Website performance reporting

The measurement strategy includes tracking website performance and the program’s progress to project and business objectives. Insights will guide priorities for continuous improvement. 

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The NSW Government Digital Channels team uses reports to measure: 

Product health
  • Users 
  • Page views 
  • Sessions 
  • Average session duration 
  • Bounce/engagement rate 
  • Repeat visitors 
  • Traffic referral sources 
  • Content ranking
  • Page ratings (Thumbs Up Thumbs Down). program progress to objectives
  • Content findability through search engines, site search 
  • Digital experience and content quality, including platform uptime, page speed, mobile optimisation, accessibility, broken links, readability, customer experience, webform completions 
  • Innovation activities such as experiments and reusable features 
  • Agency website maintenance cost savings 
  • Digital capability uplift.
Content performance on
  • Ensure that performance of an agency’s content is maintained or improved after migration to, based on an agency’s objectives. 

Reporting platforms

We use a range of analytics platforms to track specific metrics in our reports. 

Google Search ConsoleReports on external (Google) search performance
Google Analytics 360Reports on website traffic and user behaviour
SiteimproveReports on website content hygiene factors, such as broken links, consistency, readability
SajariReports on in-site search
New RelicReports on platform performance
Google Page-Speed InsightsReports on page performance
ZendeskReports on satisfaction with customer service


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