Supporting growing regional communities with new road infrastructure

The Development Services Customer Service Uplift project is creating better roads and services to meet the needs of growing regional NSW populations.



Regional NSW is Australia’s largest and most diverse regional economy, which has experienced enormous population growth in recent years as people are lured by a better lifestyle, fresh air and open space. With this growth comes the need for new and improved regional infrastructure to support these communities and reduce the strain on existing infrastructure. This includes new shopping centres, schools, housing developments and hospital upgrades.

Enhancing road safety for communities

Where a large-scale proposed development is likely to generate increased traffic volumes, new road infrastructure needs to be designed and constructed on the state road network. This is where the Development Services Customer Service Uplift project comes in.  It oversees the private construction of new traffic lights, roundabouts, roads and turning lanes. This greatly enhances the safety of our communities, minimises disruption and eases traffic congestion.

Better ways of working

Before the project started in May 2021, the existing Transport for NSW development process needed better ways of working to address contemporary urban requirements and investment in regional NSW, to reduce project delays and deliver better outcomes for customers.

Improvements for regional NSW communities

A continuing increase in regional investment, coupled with a passion to deliver an uplift in customer service, steered the project to deliver innovative solutions to improve these processes. Customer journey mapping and user experience improvements led to an easier process for developers to get projects happening much quicker. This has resulted in better roads and services for the people of regional NSW.

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“So that's one of the great things about the transformation of transport is that they're saying that there's been a gap in what was viewed as a customer, and it's always people that have various touch points on the way through”.

– Geoffrey Rock, President, Urban Development Institute Australia


Assessed project infrastructure in regional NSW totalled $14.3 billion in 2021. 


The time it takes for a new school development to make it through the process has reduced from around 12 months in 2020 to 4 months. 

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