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NSW is Australia’s startup capital, with nearly half of our nation’s startup businesses calling Sydney home.

The NSW Government is focused on building a strong and supportive ecosystem for startups. We want them to thrive and prosper, and become the job-creating powerhouses of the future.

To achieve this, we’re offering grants to promising NSW startups to help them find their feet.

Minimum Viable Product grants

Minimum Viable Product (MVP) $25,000 grants are designed to support promising startups that are not yet generating income.

Building Partnerships grants

Building Partnerships grants help revenue-generating startups and small to medium enterprises (SMEs) scale or grow by acquiring a key customer or channel to market.

Regional startups

Access a stipend to help with travel costs and find out about your local innovation network.

Success stories

Learn from our successful case studies on how NSW startups are kicking goals.

How we help startups

Learn more about our achievements and how the NSW Government is enabling job creation in ways that will allow NSW to thrive, not just today, but twenty years from now.

Sydney Startup Hub

The Sydney Startup Hub was the first of its kind in Australia and indeed the southern hemisphere in terms of its size and density. The Sydney Startup Hub offers more than 17,000sqm across 11 floors all under one roof in a convenient CBD location. It accommodates up to 1,800 people and welcomes thousands more in the community and events space, and the Regional Landing Pad.
Exterior of Sydney Startup Hub building, York Street Sydney City

Explore the NSW Startup Community

Join the online NSW Startup Community to explore, connect and learn from the ecosystem.
Aerial view of crowd connected by lines

Contact us

Email us at or call us on 1300 562 679.

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