nsw.gov.au no longer supports Internet Explorer

What you need to do

Users need to upgrade to Microsoft Edge or another modern browser (Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox) for an optimal user experience. For critical line-of-business apps that require IE11, Microsoft’s recommendation is to use the Internet Explorer mode supported by Microsoft Edge.

From December 2021, Internet Explorer is no longer be supported by nsw.gov.au. This means that we will no longer fix issues on nsw.gov.au that happen when the site is viewed in Internet Explorer. We recommend upgrading to a modern browser to continue to accurately view nsw.gov.au.

Why do we no longer support Internet Explorer?

In 2021, Microsoft announced it will no longer support Internet Explorer. Many Microsoft products, such as Microsoft Teams and Microsoft365, have already dropped Internet Explorer support.

As Microsoft will no longer be updating this browser, nsw.gov.au will also no longer support it. Users who continue to use Internet Explorer will have a degraded experience, including issues with accessibility and security.

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