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We're making it possible for people to access digital versions of their trade licences and credentials.

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  • Digital licences are a quick and secure way to display your credentials, making it easier to stay on top of licence expiries, and ensure tradespeople remain certified.
  • Five trades licences and credentials have already been digitised, with more to come.
  • Get them through the Service NSW app.
  • Getting a digital trade licence will not stop your plastic card from being issued.

Download the Service app to get your digital trade licence


Service NSW App

Service NSW

Stay up to date with the latest NSW Government information. Access COVID-19 updates, digital licences, renew your rego and check fines and demerits.

Latest release

High risk work licence

The digital version of the NSW high risk work licence is now available in the Service NSW My Account and Service NSW app. This digital licence is a free, optional alternative to a physical card, making it easier than ever to stay on top of licence expiries, check credentials and ensure tradespeople remain certified for the work they do.
A high risk work licence is required to operate some machinery, erect scaffolding or undertake dogging or rigging work. 

High risk work licences are valid for five years and recognised nationally. 

If you hold a high risk work licence, turn your credential digital and go wallet free. 

Mobile phone showing High Risk Work digital licence

Other digital licences

White card

A white card (or general construction induction training card) is required by anyone who wants to carry out construction work, such as tradespeople and labourers, site managers or other people who work in construction areas.

Get yours today through the Service NSW app.

Contractor licence

Builders and tradespeople in NSW need to hold an individual contractor licence to do building work where the total cost of labour and materials is more than $5,000. 

Add your digital contractor licence today in the Service NSW app.

Qualified supervisor certificate

A qualified supervisor certificate allows someone to supervise and do the work described on their certificate.

Tradesperson certificate

A tradesperson certificate allows someone to do plumbing, draining and gasfitting work with minimum supervision. People who hold a tradesperson certificate can’t sign off on work.

Their work must be overseen and signed off by someone who holds a contractor licence or qualified supervisor certificate.


Updates in real time

Digital trade licences update in real-time, so you don’t have to wait for a new plastic card to be posted when your digital version is renewed or if you change your details. 

You can even view your digital trade licence when you have no data coverage, as long as you stay logged in to the Service NSW app.


Your licence is protected by the security on your smartphone (for example, PIN, fingerprint and facial recognition) as well as the security of the Service NSW app.   

To ensure the security and privacy of licence holders, we've built strong partnerships with cyber security and identity theft experts.

This has resulted in comprehensive security measures to protect your information and identity at all times, similar to those used for internet banking. 


If you lose your smartphone, your digital licences and authorisations are protected by your phone’s PIN, your Service NSW app PIN and, if available, your touch ID.

Report your lost phone immediately to PoliceLink on 131 444 or create a Police report online.

How to check a digital licence

Digital trade licences and credentials have the below features to confirm they are authentic and current.

If you’re viewing a digital licence or credential, there is a convenient way to check the card number and date of issue: 

  1. Animated NSW Government logo
  2. Last refreshed date and time
  3. QR code expires and reloads 
  4. Waratah hologram moves when the phone is tilted.

Checking a licence? Learn more on the Service NSW website.

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