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Sydney Startup Hub

The Sydney Startup Hub was the first of its kind in Australia and indeed the southern hemisphere in terms of its size and density.

The Sydney Startup Hub offers more than 17,000sqm across 11 floors all under one roof in a convenient CBD location. It accommodates up to 1800 people and welcomes thousands more in the community and events space, and the Regional Landing Pad.

Local Innovation Network

Home to 40% of the state’s population, regional NSW has a dynamic and diverse economy. One in every ten NSW startups are based outside of Sydney and regional NSW generates 30% of the state’s economy.

The Local Innovation Network (LIN) is a $2.1 million commitment by the NSW Government to develop regional entrepreneurship and support startups and small to medium enterprises (SMEs) across the state.

Sydney School of Entrepreneurship

Sydney School of Entrepreneurship is an unprecedented collaboration between all 11 NSW universities and TAFE NSW, supported by NSW Government. The Sydney School of Entrepreneurship’s mission is to drive next-generation entrepreneurship, making opportunity accessible to anyone in NSW. Our growing community is truly interdisciplinary, diverse and globally connected. Together, we are changing society and creating high growth businesses and jobs of the future.

Sydney Technology and Innovation Precinct

The Sydney Technology and Innovation Precinct will be a place to drive the creation of new technology and commercialisation of new products and services. The development will be based on global best-practice placemaking principles and focus on the sustainable, accessible and affordable creation of workplaces for the future.

Our reports

Jobs for the Future report

The 2016 Jobs for the Future report articulates key long-term priorities for job creation over the next 20 years, and an immediate agenda for action through to 2020.

Read the Jobs for the Future report

Annual reports

Learn more about our achievements and how Jobs for NSW is enabling job creation in ways that will allow NSW to thrive, not just today, but twenty years from now.

Key highlights 2018–19

Jobs for NSW is a NSW Government agency that supports industries and entrepreneurial businesses that generate sustainable jobs across the state.

Following the re-appointment of NSW Premier Berejiklian and her new Cabinet in April 2019, the NSW Government changed the Machinery of Government (MoG).

On 1 July 2019:

  • The NSW Department of Industry, Skills and Regional Development became part of the NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment;
  • The former NSW Department of Industry was abolished
  • Jobs for NSW functions became part of NSW Treasury.

Read theJobs for NSW Annual Report 2018-19

Key highlights 2017–18

In our third year, we have continued to support innovative job creating businesses that contribute to the sustainable economic growth of NSW.

Our highlights include:

  • In February opening the Sydney Startup Hub, the largest innovation centre of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere.
  • Selecting seven locations to be sites for the $2.1 million Local Innovation Network to support local entrepreneurs.
  • Launching our first pilot cluster program – the New England Agtech Cluster.

Read theJobs for NSW Annual Report 2017-18

Key highlights 2016–17

In our second year, we have remained focused upon meeting the challenge of facilitating job creation, both now and into the future.

Our key highlights include:

  • The launch of the Jobs for the Future Report in August 2016, which outlines a 20 year vision for work in NSW, including emerging challenges and opportunities.
  • Leading the development of the Sydney Startup Hub, a first-of-its-kind initiative in Australia.
  • Developed and launched the Jobs for NSW financial portfolio.

Read theJobs for NSW Annual Report 2016-17

Key highlights 2015–16

As a new organisation the 2015–16 financial year focused on establishing the groundwork to meet the long-term mission of enabling jobs creation now and in the future. Jobs for NSW worked on four significant areas:

  • Established the four-year $190 million Jobs for NSW Fund
  • Completed our groundbreaking ‘Jobs for the Future’ research
  • Managed legacy programs
  • Supported regional NSW

In 2015–16, Jobs for NSW managed 95 projects, including projects funded under four Department of Industry programs.

Read the Jobs for NSW Annual Report 2015-16

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