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Guides to help you complete your online form for NSW Registry of Births Deaths & Marriages.

How to complete an online application using a form

Getting started

You can complete the online forms using your desktop computer, tablet or mobile.

Suggested web browsers:

  • Internet Explorer 11
  • Chrome
  • Safari

To start, go to


Handy tips

If you hover over each form entry you will see tips to help you with that section.

Choose a certificate

Online applications are available for:

  • Birth certificate
  • Replacement Change of Name
  • Death certificate
  • Marriage certificate

Choose the certificate you want under Apply for Certificates.

Provide details

On the details screen, select Yes for a life event registered in NSW.

Fill out the additional details.

If the life event was registered in another state, select No. You will be shown a link to the contact information for interstate registries.

Mandatory fields

Mandatory fields must be completed to progress your application.

For birth certificates you must complete the following fields:

Details of registered person

  • Place of Birth in NSW
  • Family Name at Birth
  • First Given Name
  • Date of Birth

Parent One

  • Current Family Name
  • Family Name at Birth
  • First Given Name

If you do not complete a mandatory field, you cannot progress to the next page and you will see the fields highlighted in red.

If you are unsure of some details

If you are unsure of some registrations details, write Unknown for that entry.

If you are unsure of the date for an event (such as a date of birth), select No, and you will be able to enter a date range.

The Registry will search for the event within the dates requested.

When you complete all the details, click Next.

Complete Applicant Details

On the Applicant Details screen, select your relationship to the registered person from the drop down list.

If you are applying for your own certificate, select Self.

You must be an authorised person to apply for a certificate. If you are not authorised the Registry will contact you to request further details or advise that your application cannot be processed.

To progress your application you must complete these mandatory fields:

Application Details

  • Relationship to Registered Person
  • Reason for Certificate

Applicant Details

  • Family Name
  • First Given Name
  • Email Address

Residential Address

  • Address Line 1
  • Suburb/Town/City
  • State/Territory
  • Postcode

Postal Address

  • Address Line 1
  • Suburb/Town/City
  • State/Territory
  • Postcode

If you do not complete the mandatory fields you will not be able to complete your application and you will see the fields highlighted in red.

Other Details

Only complete the Other Details section if you are applying on behalf of an organisation.

Residential Address

Complete the Residential Address section by entering the street address in the Quick Address Search field and select Search.

The address should appear in the drop down list. Select the correct address and the form will be filled automatically.

If the address does not appear in the drop down list you can enter the details yourself.

If you have an overseas address, select the Country and an International Address entry appears.

If your postal address is the same as your residential address, select Same as Residential Address. 

If your postal address differs from your residential address, enter the postal address as using the same steps as for residential address.

Security (robot) check

Click the box I’m not a robot.

You will see a grid of images.

Click on the images that match the instructions e.g. Select all images with a shop front.

Then click Verify.

Select Next.

Order the certificate

When you get to the Certificate Order screen your application has been saved.

This means so you come back and complete your online form at a later time. You will see an Online Reference Number (ORN).

On the Certificate Order screen you can select the type and quantity of certificate/s you wish to apply for by selecting from the drop down list.

Once your selection has been made select Next at the bottom of the screen.

Delivery and payment

The Delivery and Payment screen tells you how your certificate will be sent to you.

If your application is urgent select Yes under Priority. Note: There is an additional fee for urgent applications.

If you require your certificate to be faxed to an Australian passport office, consulate or embassy select Yes under Faxed Copy?

Check that the Delivery Address is correct.

Check that Your Order Items are correct. If all details are correct, select Next.

If any details are incorrect you can go back and make changes by clicking on the menu on the left.

Provide identification

You must supply identification with your online form. 

On the Identification screen select three documents from Category 1 to Category 4 and then select Next to go to the Add Attachments screen.

Add Attachments

On the Add Attachments screen enter the Document Number.

If unsure of which number to enter, select Where is this? and you will see an example in another screen.

To add scans or photocopies of your identification, select Choose File.

  • Files can be JPEG, PDF or TIFF file.
  • Maximum file size is 20MB.
  • Filenames must be include only letters and/or numbers, with no spaces, dashes, or underscores. Example: mypassport19.jpg

Search for the file you wish to attach, select the file and then select Open.

Add attachments for all three identification documents.

If you have all three identification documents on one file, you will need to attach the file three times.

Then select Next.

Confirm and pay

Confirm Order

On the Confirm Order screen make sure your order is correct.

Read the Terms and Conditions and then select I agree.

Select Proceed to Payment.

Payment Details

On the Payment Details screen enter your payment details and then select Next.

On the Confirmation screen, enter the Captcha verification code and select Make Payment.

Online Payment Receipt

If your payment is successful you will see the Online Payment Receipt screen.

Note: a Tax Invoice will automatically be sent to your email.

If you wish to receive an Online Payment Receipt, enter your email address in the Send receipt email to field and click Send.

Select Finish.

You have now completed your online form. The Registry will process your request and email you if further information is required.

See a summary and print application form

From the Summary screen you can print your application form by selecting View printer friendly application form.

You will see a screen you can print or you can select Download a PDF.

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