The Premier's Department and community engagement

The Premier's Department is involved in many community engagement projects across the state, this includes awards and events. They also provide guidance on best practice for community engagement and event protocol.

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Awards and recognition

Awards are a way for the NSW Government to acknowledge excellence and reward achievement and service.

NSW Government Community Service Award

The NSW Government Community Service Award recognises individuals in NSW who have substantially helped to improve the quality of life of members of their community. 

NSW Government State Representative Award

The NSW Government State Representative Award recognises people who have represented NSW in a competitive field such as sport, music, the arts or academia.

NSW Service Medallion

The NSW Service Medallion is presented by the Premier and awarded to employees who have completed 40 or more years of excellent service for the NSW Government. 

Public Service Medal

The Public Service Medal (PSM) recognises outstanding service, innovation, leadership and achievment of public sector employees. Receiving a PSM is an honour, with only 100 recipients awarded nationally each year.

NSW Premier's Awards

NSW Premier’s Awards celebrates excellence in the delivery of public services to the NSW community by the public sector, and not-for-profit organisations and private businesses in partnership with public sector agencies and departments.

Australian honours and awards

The Australian honours and awards system recognises the outstanding service and contributions of Australians. Recipients come from right across the country and from all walks of life. While some are well-known, the majority are unsung heroes.


Major events are an important part of community engagement. Contributing to a safe and successful event in NSW also ensures economic and social benefits to the state. Here are some resources that inform the organisation of major events in NSW.

Event starter guide

Event organisers can use this guide to assist them in making their event run smoothly.

User charges policy

The whole-of-government policy for applying user charges for major and special events.

Australia Day in NSW

The Australia Day Council of NSW delivers quality, creative, innovative and diverse community events in Sydney on Australia Day.

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