Vocational education and training (VET)

VET gives people workplace skills and technical knowledge. It emphasises hands-on experience, and teaches many skills in demand in NSW.

Students focused on work, each assigned to table with task

Are you a student, jobseeker or worker? Explore VET options, including free courses for in demand skills. 

With over 1200 courses across a wide variety of industries and professions, TAFE NSW is a major VET provider.

Discover community and not for profit education and training. Learn new skills at a community college. 

Apprenticeships and traineeships combine formal study with on-the-job training. Find out what's involved.

What are low-cost or free training options for students, workers, jobseekers? What's involved for training providers and employers?

Programs to support the VET sector, including rural support, JobTrainer, Smart & Skilled, women in trades.

Learn about organisations that help with vocational education and training in NSW. What's an RTO? Find out here.

Policies, programs, guidelines, logins and support from Training Services NSW.

Celebrate training in NSW! Nominate, attend events and view winning highlights.

We're the division of Department of Education that handles vocational education and training in NSW, Find out more and contact us. 

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