Resumes or CVs and cover letters

Your resume or Curriculum Vitae (CV) and cover letter are how you introduce yourself when applying for a job. Learn what to include and the best way to structure these documents.

A resume or CV being handed over to someone.

Make a great first impression with an employer

Your resume or CV and cover letter are short, professional documents that you use to introduce yourself and outline your experience when applying for jobs. 

Most job advertisements ask for both a resume or CV and cover letter. 

What to include to stand out

Resumes or CVs

These include a summary of your education, work experience, achievements, and other relevant experience.

Cover letters

These include an introduction to yourself, and a summary of how your experience matches the job description. 

Don't know where to start?​

Use our Resume templates and cover letter examples library. You can also browse these resources by career stage to view the fictional profile and job advertisement used to draft the sample documents.

Talk to a specialist

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