Community Events Program (CEP) frequently asked questions

Read the frequently asked questions for the Reconnecting Regional NSW – Community Events Program.

Branding and signage approvals

For approval to use logos, signs and branding for projects with allocated funding, contact

Please review the NSW Government Funding Acknowledgement Guidelines.

When does my event need to be held by?

Applicants who received funding for the current round of the Community Events Program (announced on Friday 18 November 2021) are required to hold events prior to 31 March 2023 however, applicants are eligible to apply for an extension to hold their approved events by 31 January 2024. Please contact to apply.

Can I relocate funds to other events?

If an event or aspects of an event need to be cancelled, funds can be reallocated to other approved events within your application. Event underspends cannot be used for events not listed on the executed funding deed including the creation of new events. You can request a variation by contacting

Can I change the deliverables within an approved event?

Deliverables in an event may be changed, however, any new deliverables need to meet the eligibility criteria under the Community Events Program Guidelines. You can request a variation by contacting

Can I change the date of an event to an alternate quarter?

If an event date needs to be changed due to unforeseen circumstances, a variation request may be necessary. If the event will remain within the same quarter, no variation request is needed. If an event needs to be changed to a different quarter, you can request a variation by contacting

Are Christmas themed events eligible?

 Yes, Christmas themed events are eligible, however, they must not have religious elements within the events or be run by a religious organisation.

Can events funded under the Community Events Program be ticketed?

Events may be ticketed but will need to meet the ticketing requirements detailed in the CEP guidelines and be low or no charge. 

If an event is cancelled, can I still claim costs already spent?

Where an approved and funded event is cancelled, you may recoup already expended costs such as advertising and marketing expenses by claiming them on your final acquittal. 

How can I invite an NSW Government representative to an event?

Invitations can be sent to

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