Sydney Islamic Arts Museum Project

Sydney Islamic Arts Museum

About the Project

The Sydney Islamic Arts Museum project delivers a new Islamic Arts, Culture and History Museum to facilitate the artistic and cultural output of the Muslim community in Western Sydney, recognise Muslim contribution to Australia and engage in intercultural and interfaith dialogue. The Museum serves as a place to engage in intercultural dialogue and develop interfaith understanding and deliver educational and artistic programs, tours and excursions to schools and the broader community.

Project Scope

The project will feature:

  • Display areas for Islamic arts, history, culture and communities
  • Arts workshop space
  • Function room
  • Prayer exhibition hall
  • Learning spaces
  • Production room
  • Cafe and kitchen
  • Offices and bathrooms
  • Courtyard and landscaping

Fast Facts


NSW Government Funding: $26,301,018.00

TOTAL PROJECT VALUE: $26,301,018.00


Islamic Sciences and Research Academy

Project Location:


Aboriginal Land:


Project Updates

Progress Summary
  • Identifying site for the project to be delivered
Next Steps


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