Creative Design Innovation Centre and Classroom Upgrade Project

Creative Design Innovation Centre

About the Project

The Creative Design Innovation Centre and Classroom Upgrade Project delivers an innovation hub to help students and the local community engage with new and emerging technologies. The upgrade includes renovated classrooms with energy-efficient windows and doors to improve appearance, natural light and ventilation. It will also convert an existing classroom into a technology centre providing access to technologies that are currently out of reach for many within the community

Project Scope

The project will include:

  • The renovation of classrooms with energy efficient windows and frames.
  • The conversion of classrooms into a Creative Design Innovation Centre.

Fast Facts


NSW Government Funding: $348,804.00



Blue Mountains Christian Education Association 

Aboriginal Land:


Project Updates

Progress Summary
  • Undertaking quantity survey
  • Finalising architectural designs
  • Preparation works for the STEM classroom
Next Steps
  • Installation of windows at the front of the building

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