Glenbrook Activation and Improvement Project

About the Project

The Glenbrook Activation and Improvement Project delivers high street, arts and culture and community infrastructure improvements to Glenbrook Town Centre and Park. The project expands and improves the function and use of the Glenbrook village and meets the needs for local amenity and a rapid growth in tourism. 

Project Scope

  • Footpath upgrades to existing pavements to meet accessibility standards

  • Pedestrian amenity upgrades such as crossings and threshold treatments

  • Parking upgrades

  • Directional signage with traditional owner interpretation to orientate visitors

  • Succession street tree planting to mitigate heat island effect

  • New town centre footpath rubbish bins with village motif 

  • Replacement seating to accessibility standards

  • Public lighting improvement where necessary to improve safety after dark

  • Water Sensitive Urban Design treatments with raingardens and other biofiltration

  • Activation activities including laneway artwork, trial of mobile parklets, and upgrade to banner system 

  • Visitor Information Centre improvements including landscaping to address sightlines, amenity upgrades and installation of ‘sculpture walk’ to welcome visitors 

  • Development of “Village Arrival Point" with bike racks, seating and installation of water refill station as a reliable, sustainable source of drinking water for centre visitors

  • Smart Cities Technology Package including parking sensors, pedestrian sensors, air quality sensors, weather reporting and smart lighting

Fast Facts


NSW Government Funding: $4,047,894.00

TOTAL PROJECT VALUE: $4,047,894.00

Project Location:

Glenbrook NSW 2773

Aboriginal Land:


Project Updates

Progress Summary
  • Initial stakeholder engagement.
Next Steps
  • Detailed planning and scoping.
  • Community and stakeholder engagement.

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