Town Centre Beautification and Public Art – Glenfield Town Centre Project

About the Project

The Glenfield Town Centre Project is a series of public domain works to revitalise Glenfield Town Centre including new shared use pathways, pedestrian crossings, landscaping, pavement treatments, street furnishings and public art. The project lifts the town's economic potential and improves community access to services in response to significant population growth and projected urban changes. A revitalised Glenfield Town Centre encourages people to visit, shop, play and stay.

Project Scope

The project features:

  • Garden bed and street trees 
  • Replace existing pavement with granite pavement 
  • Provide pedestrian lights 
  • New pedestrian crossings 
  • Street furniture and lighting 
  • Pedestrian / cyclist shared paths 
  • Public art 
  • New pavement to existing driveways 
  • Additional street parking

Fast Facts


NSW Government Funding: $2,499,942.00

Co-Contribution: $34,730.00

TOTAL PROJECT VALUE: $2,534,672.00

Aboriginal Land:


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