St Marys City Heart and Entertainment Project

About the Project

The St Marys City Heart and Entertainment Project will transform the centre of St Marys. Elements will include the provision of a large performance space and a big screen, which will build on the already successful St Marys Light Up event. To support the facility enhanced amenities, minor roadworks and significant landscaping will also be provided. This Project will set the foundation work for Council to deliver future community infrastructure in this precinct, which will include a new library and youth hub. 

Project Scope

The project will include:

  • An enhanced open space with landscaping
  • Amenities and new community facilities
  • A performance space
  • Big screen
  • New amenities
  • Minor roadworks

Fast Facts


NSW Government Funding: $21,000,000



Penrith City Council

Aboriginal Land:


Project Update

Progress Summary
  • Additional community engagement, following previous engagement as part of Penrith City Council’s St Marys Town Centre Structure Plan, to inform the delivery of a high-level concept design.
  • Tender process conducted for lead designer and awarded to contractor.
  • Contract with lead designer in the inception stage. 
Next Steps
  • April – June 2024 – progress concept design for St Marys Central Park.
  • October 2024 – community consultation on design concept.
  • Mid 2025 – construction to begin.
  • End 2026 – project completion. 

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