Social housing

Find help with housing options to meet your needs. From urgent short-term housing to ongoing public and community housing.

Help for current and future tenants

Aboriginal housing

The Aboriginal Housing Office supports accessible, culturally appropriate and affordable housing for the Aboriginal people of NSW.

Help with housing and homelessness

Understand what housing help you may be eligible for and how to apply, including help with homelessness.

Living in social housing

Learn about your rights and responsibilities as a tenant and request help with your home or tenancy or find out more about management transfers in some areas.

Community housing tenants

Know your rights and responsibilities as a tenant in community housing, including how to pay rent and property maintenance.

Appealing a decision

Many decisions made by social and community housing providers can be reviewed. If you think a decision is wrong, here are the steps you can take.

Related information

Help renting in the private market

Check your eligibility for rental assistance or help with urgent rental costs. We can also help people start a tenancy with an interest-free bond loan.

Commonwealth rent assistance

A regular extra payment if you pay rent and get certain Centrelink payments.

Savings Finder

Helping you find NSW Government rebates and vouchers that are relevant to you.

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