Valuations and compensation

Find out how your property will be valued, how to engage your own valuer, and what types of compensation may be available to you.

For residential property owners


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Getting your property valued

The market value of your property will be assessed by the acquiring authority. It is important that you also have your own valuation carried out.


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Types of compensation

Apart from the market value of your property, you may be able to access other types of compensation to help you.

For business owners or residential tenants



Commercial properties and business owners

Valuation and compensation for commercial properties and business owners.


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Residential tenants

Residential tenants may be eligible for compensation under certain circumstances.

More information

What is included in a valuation report

Find out what the valuation report for your property must include.

Reaching agreement

If you accept the valuation in the Letter of Offer, you will receive compensation and ownership will transfer to the acquiring authority.

Valuation for partial aquisitions

How market value is determined for partial acquisitions.
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