Property Acquisition in NSW

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Understanding the property acquisition process

Artist's impression of the Campbelltown Hospital redevelopment.

The property acquisition process is designed to be fair, easy to understand and transparent. See the steps involved when your property is being acquired.

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Find out about getting your property or business valued, and the types of compensation available if your property is being acquired.

Getting help

Find out about Property Acquisition NSW and how to contact us.
Find out what support is available to you and where to go if you need extra help.
All acquisitions should follow these guidelines to make the process fair for you and the community.
If your property has been selected for future acquisition, you can apply for early acquisition on the grounds of hardship.


Property acquisition data has been collated and published since 2018. See data on acquisition by acquiring authority, by ownership type of acquired property, location of property and more.

Guides, forms, translations and information for property owners, commercial businesses and tenants.

Acquiring authorities must follow the five Property Acquisition Standards and additional minimum requirements when acquiring properties.

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