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We help communities across NSW understand the property acquisition process, provide affected people with access to support services, and work with acquiring authorities to promote fair, transparent and consistent practices.

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Look at the data to identify improvements

Property Acquisition Data for the 2022-23 financial year now available

158 acquiring authorities across NSW reported on their property acquisition activity for the FY 2022-23.

This data helps to ensure transparency of the land acquisition process and it also helps to monitor the effectiveness of the overall acquisition process to enable continuous improvement. 


Standards and forms

Helpful forms and information

Click here to access forms, guidelines and other information that you may need during the acquisition process.   


Contract negotiation

Property acquisition job opportunities in NSW

Working in property acquisition gives you lots of great opportunities to contribute to projects that benefit communities across NSW. If you're making a career change, please consider these current vacancies.   


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Parliamentary Inquiry into Acquisition of Land in Relation to Major Transport

The NSW Government has responded to a parliamentary inquiry report into a range of issues relating to property acquisition in NSW, including compensation, transparency, customer satisfaction, and the Land Acquisition (Just Terms Compensation) Act 1991. 


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Property Acquisition guides

Access property acquisition guides for residential owners, business owners and tenants, with translations in eight community languages.  


Property acquisition animation

Understanding the property acquisition process

Watch this informative animation for a clear and quick explanation of the property acquisition process. 

Understanding the property acquisition process


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How property acquisition works

The property acquisition process is designed to be fair, easy to understand and transparent. See the steps involved when your property is being acquired.


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Valuation and compensation

Find out about getting your property or business valued, and the types of compensation available if your property is being acquired. 


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Types of acquisitions

An acquisition may involve all or only part of your property.  Find out more about different types of acquisitions.


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Property acquisition standards and principles

All acquisitions should follow these guidelines to make the process fair for you and the community. 

Getting support


Your acquisition support team

Your acquisition support team

Your acquisition support team is there to help you through the acquisition process. They can give you advice and support that is tailored to your needs.  


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Property acquisition support line

The acquisition support line is a free, independent counselling service that provides emotional and mental support for people affected by the property acquisition process.


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Contact us

If you have any questions or require additional information, please get in touch with the Centre for Property Acquisition using this online form.   

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Have your say

Property acquisition survey

Your feedback is important and will help us to identify ways to improve the acquisition process in the future.  

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About the Centre for Property Acquisition

We deliver services and assistance to acquiring authorities and affected members of the public.


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Projects and acquiring agencies

 Contact details for agencies or projects acquiring property in NSW.


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Review of property acquisition in NSW

Learn about reviews into property acquisition in NSW delivering a fairer, more transparent process for landowners.

More information

Glossary of property acquisition terms

Find explanations for some of the terms used throughout the property acquisition process.

Property acquisition data

Find key property acquisition data from NSW, including annual acquisition numbers by acquiring authority, location, type of acquisition and acquisition method. 

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