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Release of cyber standards recommendation report

1 February 2021

The NSW Standards Harmonisation Taskforce has released its recommendations report that will help strengthen NSW’s cyber capabilities.

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The NSW Standards Harmonisation Taskforce is a collaboration between the NSW Government, AustCyber and Standards Australia, as well as other industry leaders and business representatives.

Together the taskforce have compiled a comprehensive recommendations report that includes 7 priority sectors: 

  • cloud 
  • defence 
  • education 
  • energy 
  • financial services 
  • health 
  • telecommunications and IoT (Internet of things). 

The report highlights priority areas for standards development and implementation. It also outlines how the standards can build a resilient cyber infrastructure across these sectors.

Businesses and government agencies are being encouraged to review and implement the recommendations in the report. This will help improve their cyber security policies and increase their cyber resilience. 

The next steps for the taskforce will be to develop an accessible list of cyber security standards for all 7 priority sectors. As well as a final report, this will include a website showing the business benefits around the adoption of the standards.

The final report will be an essential asset for boards, executives and relevant decision-makers and help embed the work of the taskforce into the economy. 

Read the full Recommendations Report of the NSW Cyber Security Standards Harmonisation Taskforce.

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