School maintenance blitz

Published: 13 Dec 2017

NSW school students will benefit from a $110 million maintenance blitz on schools over the summer holidays.

While students are off enjoying their summer holidays, the NSW Government will carry out a $110 million maintenance blitz.

School across NSW will tick off important projects such as roof works, new floor coverings, drainage and painting from their maintenance lists this summer.

The summer holiday blitz is part of the NSW Government’s record $747 million school maintenance investment over the next four years.

Education Minister Rob Stokes said this investment is another example of the NSW Government’s commitment to public education and on delivering local infrastructure across NSW.

“Just like your family home, there are always jobs to be done to keep our schools in top condition,” Mr Stokes said.

“With a $25 billion property portfolio of 2,200 schools there will always be maintenance to be done, but good management will keep the list as short as possible, and we are here doing just that.”

In addition to this four-year maintenance blitz, the NSW Government is also investing a record $4.2 billion over the next four years on capital expenditure to cater for rising enrolments.

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