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Lifting skills and capability

How we will work with educators and building professionals to identify learning gaps and skills and support a modern and innovative construction workforce. 

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Technologies, methods of construction and materials are constantly evolving in the construction sector.

The Office of the Building Commissioner will work with

  • the vocational and higher education sector to produce new learning modules that keep pace with these changes
  • industry to identify areas of content gaps, and partner with peak bodies to accelerate the consumption of new knowledge by practitioners across the sector.

Digital learning courses

Register your interest to write Construct NSW courses

The OBC are working with TAFE NSW and industry experts to create new courses for the Construct NSW Digital Learning Platform. We are currently seeking subject matter experts to help design new courses.

Content writers will be remunerated up to $10,000 for a 2-hour course. A reduced figure will be advised in advance for shorter courses.

Current opportunities


Course name Download course outline (PDF) Application deadline Content due date
How to halve construction waste by 2023 How to halve construction waste by 2023 (PDF, 107.97 KB). Applications now closed Mid - August 2021


More opportunities will be released shortly. Subscribe to the Construct NSW e-newsletter to hear about new opportunities and check this webpage regularly.

Who is eligible?

We welcome applications from individuals or organisations who:

  • Are subject matter experts
  • Can provide approved content in the deadlines specified for each course, generally no more than 4 weeks 
  • Have innovative ideas on how to best educate the industry with new and engaging material and format
  • Are enthusiastic and want to be involved in uplifting skills and capability in the construction industry

How to apply

Submit your application via email to 

Applications must include:

  • Resume
  • Cover letter (max 2 pages) on your experience in the building and construction industry and the value you can bring to this opportunity.
  • A short video (no more than 3 minutes) introducing yourself, why you are the right person for the role and how you think education can be a key contributor in improving the industry
  • Any other supporting documents relevant to your application (for example, previous work examples, references)

How applications will be assessed

Applications will be reviewed by a panel of individuals from the OBC, Better Regulation Division and TAFE NSW. The panel will be assessing applications against the following criteria:

  • Quality – the degree to which the application conveys a clear and impactful message
  • Capability – the applicant’s demonstrated skills and professional experience relevant to the delivery of an education module
  • Expertise – the applicant’s demonstrated skills and professional experience relevant to the topic 
  • Commitment – the applicant’s ability to dedicate time and effort to the delivery of the module

Applicants will be contacted via email within one month of the application deadline. 

Partnership with TAFE NSW

The NSW Government is proactively addressing skills and learning gaps in the construction sector by creating, sponsoring and approving training courses in partnership with TAFE NSW through the Construct NSW Learning Management System (LMS). 

Training courses

The first training course is currently available.

Course Understanding occupation certificate audits
Who should attend The course is recommended for anyone involved in the new occupation certificate audit process.
Duration approximately two hours
Cost Free trial for the first 60 days, before reverting to a cost of $140.
How to apply TAFE NSW – Construct NSW

Other courses in development:

  • Understanding the importance of Australian Standards 
  • The reality of ethical standards and the real-life impacts 
  • Design and Practitioner legislation, what is the benefit? 
  • A life cycle of safety – for people and the building 
  • How to communicate with consumers and the advantages of getting it right

Over time, the LMS will become a virtual marketplace for industry education and host courses from a range of external bodies.

Education as a compliance tool

Undertaking a training course may be required as part of enforcement action. If building defects are found following occupation certificate audits, completing a mandatory course will help correct poor construction behaviours and practices. 

The Certifier Practice Standard

The Certifiers Practice Standard has been released to assist certifiers in carrying out their statutory obligations. The guide makes clear the legal duties and processes required for trustworthy buildings in NSW and was developed through consultation with over 25 industry experts.

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