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The latest news, insights and updates from the NSW Digital ID team, helping you navigate the complex world of digital identity. 

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7 July 2023

5 minutes with San Chander

San Chander is the Director of Identity Engagement for the Department of Customer Service Identity.NSW Engagement Team.

6 July 2023

5 Minutes with Emi Christensen

Emi Christensen is a Privacy Manager within the Digital Identity and Verifiable Credentials (DIVC) Trust Assurance stream.

5 July 2023

NSW Digital Wallet – a safe and easy way to share your qualifications in NSW

Sharing your personal information and proving your qualifications and credentials safely can be time-consuming, but in today’s digital era, it should only take seconds. 

19 June 2023

Ten steps to protect your online privacy

People need to be vigilant in protecting their own personal information when online. With more day-to-day services being provided digitally, people are exposed to an increasing risk of oversharing their personal information.

6 June 2023

NSW Digital ID will make government more accessible

A digital identity is key to the rapid transformation of public services around the world, particularly for vulnerable people where it can help deliver personalised, connected services which take into account their specific needs such as visual impairment or other disabilities.

1 May 2023

5 Minutes with Jess Lim

We sat down with Jess Lim who is a principal designer, to discuss her role in the Service NSW Digital Id Group Squad, why the Digital Identity and Verifiable Credentials (DIVC) product portfolio is so important, and how it will impact NSW businesses and customers in the future. We also asked her how privacy issues are shaping her work.

26 April 2023

Proving you’re over 18 in the digital age

These days almost anything can be bought online. However, for certain transactions, such as those involving the purchase of age restricted products, the online process can be complicated and involve revealing more information about yourself than is necessary.

9 February 2023

You’ll soon be able to renew your Working with Children Check completely online

Do you currently hold a Working with Children Check (WWCC) ? If so, did you know they expire after five years? 

24 January 2023

5 simple steps to reduce your risk of cyber theft

Cyber incidents leading to personal identity theft are becoming increasingly common, with 1 in 4 Australians having been a victim or at risk of cyber theft at some point in their lives. 

24 January 2023

Protecting your business and customers from cyber theft

These days, it’s common for organisations to collect and retain large amounts of their customers’ personal information. While this is standard practice, it can expose both businesses and their customers to unnecessary cyber security risks. 

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