Sub-navigation links variant

The sub-navigation links list can only be used on landing pages in an edge-to-edge section.


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  • This link list variant can only be used on landing pages.
  • Alternative to side-navigation.
  • On mobile, stacks to display as a drop-down menu.
  • The sub-navigation variant has a default grey background.
  • Section type: Edge-to-edge
  • Add block: Content block/Links
  • Type: Sub-navigation
  • Heading is mandatory.
  • Build the link list with a combination of content pages or managed links.
  • If the block is to be used across multiple pages, consider creating a reusable content block in the Content block library.


Site examples

Services - State of the Customer (custom sub-navigation to exclude host page).

Police and Justice - State of the Customer (reusable content block),

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